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What If My Flight Is Delayed?

From time to time, guests encounter transportation delays in getting to their cruise ship. If it is your day of sailing and this happens to you, please follow these guidelines:

First, advise your airline at the earliest opportunity that you are a cruise guest destined for a sailing that day. Working directly with the carrier is important as the airlines are usually able to arrange alternative flights.

If you believe a delay will cause you to arrive in the port of embarkation less than two hours before the ship's scheduled departure or if you are concerned for any reason that the ship may leave before you arrive, our representatives may be able to advise you of arrangements to minimize disruptions in your vacation plans.

Ask the airline to immediately advise our Air/Sea Department, or call us yourself at 1-800-628-4771 or 1-206-286-3294. Air/Sea representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. These numbers are provided for emergency use only; please do not call unless it is your day of departure and you are experiencing a delay. All other questions and concerns regarding air arrangements should be directed to your travel professional. For further information on our relationship with airlines, please refer to your Cruise Contract.

If you have purchased air transportation independently from Holland America, you will be responsible for any and all expenses incurred when joining the vessel in progress.