Benefits of Booking

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Getting More EXC Tours™

Why book EXC Tours with Holland America Line?

Quality & Service

  • Our tours offer a wide range of activities with something for everyone.
  • Professional, local guides and independent tour operators offer exceptional guidance.
  • Expert advice offered on board with our EXC Tours staff.

Convenience, Care & Peace of Mind

  • Maximize your time ashore — go straight to the highlights you want to see without waiting, getting lost, negotiating fares or hassling with currency exchange.
  • Book online ahead of time or on board the ship with expert advice.
  • Tour departure times coincide with the ship's schedule as well as other tours, enabling you to take multiple tours if desired.
  • Worry-free return to the ship. In the very rare event that your tour is late and the ship must leave, we will arrange at our expense to get you to the next port of call. With independently booked tours, you are responsible for rejoining the ship at the next port of call.

Uncompromised Value

  • Award-winning EXC Tours — consistently rated "excellent" by guests.
  • Superior quality and competitive pricing.
  • Priceless experiences.


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Holland America Line Group EXC Tours™

Holland America Line's knowledgeable and creative Group EXC Tours™ (excursions) Specialists have a worldwide network of innovative, award-winning tour operators at their fingertips to develop a program to meet your needs. Whether your group wants an off-the-beaten-path eco-tour, a culinary delight, or a more traditional sightseeing tour, we can create and deliver the perfect experience for groups of 30 or more on the same excursion.

You can browse from thousands of published tours for suggested ideas that span the globe: South America, Alaska, Caribbean, Panama Canal, Hawaii, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Africa, the Asia and Pacific. Browse our published tours now to start getting ideas.

Why book Group EXC Tours with Holland America Line?

  • Creative team of experts with strong global knowledge.
  • We create a unique experience customized to the interests or affinity of your group.
  • Simply book a published tour, ensuring your group is on the same tour, or we can create a unique tour for your group with net prices.
  • Problem-free tour arrangements and dedicated group liaison on board.
  • Language-specific guides available.
  • We’ll work within your budget.
  • Onboard EXC Tours staff will assist all Holland America Line-booked groups and are in constant contact with our tour operators in case of any emergency or delays.
  • Priority tour dispatch for groups booked with us, especially beneficial in tender ports.
  • Exclusive motor coaches for your group; providing quality, comfortable, clean and safe transportation.
  • If a port is missed for any reason, a full refund will be given on the missed tour.
  • If the ship is late arriving into port and delays a tour departure, the onboard staff will contact the tour operator to make alternative arrangements.
  • Excellent service and quality tours at competitive rates.

How do I book Group EXC Tours?

The Collections

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What fascinates you? A cooking class with a local chef? A private car, complete with driver and guide, so you can explore near or far? A chance to encounter wildlife or view natural wonders up close? The Collections of Holland America Line represent a small subset of the EXC Tours™ (excursions) you will find in this brochure. Each collection offers its own particular focus and is available only in select ports.

Medallion collection Medallion Collection

A series of exclusive experiences designed to accommodate our most discerning guests, our Medallion Collection tours are each carefully chosen to provide an in-depth perspective. They offer unparalleled access to events and sights not normally readily available. First-class style, smaller groups, multi-day Overland Adventures — elite activities for a privileged few.

Encore collection Encore collection

Been there, done that? Think again. Our Encore Collection, designed especially for repeat guests, lets you discover what lies beyond the well-known attractions you've already seen. Barbecue with Argentine gauchos, bike the tree lined boulevards of Barcelona, ride an Icelandic pony across a windswept beach near Reykjavik. These tours showcase hidden gems, unusual angles and inside stories that will bring you back time
and again.

World wonders collection World Wonders Collection

Natural treasures, architectural marvels, technical wonders: to the Seven Wonders of the World we add our own nominations based on decades of leadership in global travel - the grand palaces of St. Petersburg, the moai statues of Easter Island, and the Great Wall of China, among others. What they have in common is the ability to inspire awe.

Cruise with purpose collection Cruise With Purpose Collection

For every global citizen who has ever dreamed of either giving back or paying it forward, the innovative Cruise with Purpose Collection is quite simply about improving our planet one voyage at a time. Assist in scientific research, bring much-needed supplies to an orphanage, participate in a fair trade program or cultural exchange, replant native forest or restore fragile habitat-your footprint will be light and your soul enriched.

Signature collection Signature Collection

This exclusive touring option for independent minded travelers lets you completely customize and maximize your time ashore by reserving private transportation (along with an English speaking driver and guide) in advance. Whether you travel by car or minivan, customized boat, classic floatplane or stretch SUV limousine, you choose the companions, sights and pace that perfectly suit you.

To whom is the signature collection suited?

The Signature Collection is for solo travelers, couples, families, friends and special interest groups traveling together. This may also be an excellent choice for non-ambulatory guests. Value and flexibility are just two of the advantages of first-class touring and luxury transportation. Privacy, comfort, safety, and personalized guide service are also yours
to enjoy.

About the transportation

Each type of transportation will be of the highest grade available in that port. Not all modes of transportation are available in all locations.

Also included

The cost includes the service of a driver and English-speaking guide, unlimited mileage, road tolls, parking fees and bottled water. Foreign language guides may be available upon request.

Not included (unless otherwise noted)

Guests' entrance fees for attractions are not included in the price due to the wide range of attraction possibilities, uncertain number of attractions to be visited, and varying number of guests participating. We strongly recommend that you bring some local currency to cover such costs as credit cards are not readily accepted in some ports. Lunch will not be included on any tour as many guests prefer to select their own dining venue.

Itinerary planning

If you need help planning your personal itinerary, the EXC Tour Manager can assist you and will gladly answer your questions. This can be very helpful in many destinations where travel time, location, holidays, and opening hours of attractions need to be taken into consideration in order to maximize the efficiency of your time ashore.


The cost of each type of transportation will be published online at

Online reservations

The fastest and easiest way for you to reserve and pay for your Signature Collection experience is online. Please note the cost will be per mode of transportation (not per person), so only one person in the party needs to make the reservation. The price shown on the website is the total cost for the transportation, driver and guide (not a per-person price). In many ports, availability is extremely limited. We encourage you to reserve as early as possible.

Payment & tour tickets

Your credit card will be charged after your reservation is confirmed. Next, start planning what you'll do with your Signature Collection experience in each port. On board the ship, you will be given a tour ticket and a Preference Card to advise the EXC Tours Office of the itinerary you have chosen.

Booking on board

The Signature Collection may be available for booking once you are on the ship, but this cannot be guaranteed. Please check with the EXC Tours Office on board.

Disembarking the ship

In some disembarkation ports, a private vehicle, driver and guide can be used for sightseeing en route to the airport. When booking, please advise the total amount of luggage for your party. Vehicle size and luggage space may limit the number of guests in the vehicle.


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