Best of Valparaiso

Approximately 4 hours
Strenuous Activity  Snack 

Valparaíso is well known for its impressive architecture and its mention in Moby Dick by Herman Melville. You will see the old, hilly part of Valparaíso, as well as the impressive downtown section.

Set out on a drive up the hillside to Los Cerros or El Plan Alto. This is the upper town. Among its 42 hills lies a jumbled mass of fine mansions, tattered houses and shacks in utter confusion spread along the narrow streets. Your first stop will be at the promenade Paseo 21 de Mayo. From here, take in a superb view over the city and bay.

Next, your coach will descend to El Plan -- the lower part of town adjacent to the port area. Pass by Plaza Sotomayor, dominated by the Naval Headquarters building, and the impressive Monument to the Heroes of Iquique. Cross the historical business center with fine office buildings on narrow streets that are strung along the edge of the bay. Watch for the majestic, ancient buildings belonging to now-defunct banks -- A. Edwards & Co. and the former Banco de Londres. Also notable is the Turri building with its impressive clock. See the El Mercurio building housing the oldest newspaper in Chile still in operation, the Stock Exchange, and the Public Library. Continue through Plaza Victoria -- heart of the 1880s social scene -- and past the cathedral built between 1930 and 1950.

Experience a ride on two of the amazing ascensores, or funiculars -- quite unique in style.

Climbing into the hills by way of Alemania Avenue, you will see the city from another point of view. Visit La Sebastiana -- one of the museum houses of the laureate Nobel Prize winner Pablo Neruda. You’ll appreciate its astonishing in its construction and the enormous variety of different types of objects found here.

At Cerro Alegre, enjoy refreshments at the beautiful square; then you will descend back to El Plan and head back to the ship.


This tour is only available to guests returning to the ship.


This excursion is led in English