Virgin Gorda & the Baths

Approximately 4 Hours
Strenuous Activity 

An excursion launch picks you up shipside and takes you on a 40-minute cruise along the Sir Francis Drake Channel to Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda. An open-air safari bus takes you on a five-minute drive to the Baths—an area of mammoth boulders, palms, sand and sea caves for swimming and snorkeling in a completely unique atmosphere. Roam through the intricate network of trails and boulders to discover hidden caves and sea pools. Make your way to the Top of the Baths where your bus is waiting and where souvenir shopping is available. A short tour will take you back to your launch for the return cruise to your ship. A drink will be served before you board the launch.

Note: Snorkel gear can be rented on the beach or feel free to bring your own. Wear comfortable walking shoes as the path to the Baths is rough and uneven. Participants should be energetic and physically capable of negotiating the path. Wear your swimsuit under your clothing; bring a towel, sunscreen and a hat


This excursion is led in English