The Canal Experience to Colon

Approximately 6 Hours
Easy Activity  Snack 

Ride by bus to either the Gamboa Dredging Division Pier or the Cucaracha Pier inside the Panama Canal, and board a ferry that will transport you through the Panama Canal. Pass through the Gaillard Cut -- the most important and difficult part of the Panama Canal’s construction and home of legendary Continental Divide.

Enter the Pedro Miguel Locks and Miraflores Lake. On the far side of the lake you will find the Miraflores Locks -- your passage to the Pacific Ocean.

Watch for the Centennial and Americas Bridges and you will end your adventure at the Pacific port at the entrance to the Panama Canal.

Meet the ship in Colón.


This excursion will depart from Gatún Lake and will end in Colón, where you will re-board the ship. Tour duration varies. Canal transits are scheduled and controlled by the Panama Canal Authority. There are no wheelchair accessible restrooms on the ferry.


This excursion is led in English