Cayman Islands Shipwrecks & National Museum

Approximately 2 Hours
Easy Activity 

The Seaworld Observatory is a state-of-the-art semi-submarine developed for comfort and maximum viewing of the shallow reefs. It departs from the dock right by the cruise ship pier in George Town. The vessel does not submerge; instead you descend into the hull of this cruising underwater observatory and sit in air-conditioned comfort five feet below the surface of the water.

As you explore you will view an abundance of marine life through large, clear windows.

View a dramatic shipwreck, the Cali -- a steel schooner built in 1900. This ship ran aground 100 yards off the coast of Grand Cayman in 1944. A knowledgeable marine expert will provide answers to your questions and informational narration on the amazing underwater world around you.

Hear tales of the high seas as the Seaworld Observatory takes you to see the wreck of the Balboa -- a 375-foot freighter that was traveling from Cayman to Cuba in 1932 when she encountered one of the worst hurricanes in the island’s history.

Return to the pier and the crew will escort you to the Cayman Islands National Museum, located directly across the street.

Watch a 15-minute video on the settlement and development of the Cayman Islands; then you’ll have time to browse among the museum’s two permanent exhibits at your own pace.

The Natural History Gallery gives visitors a realistic look at the diversity of environments and species that are found in the Cayman Islands. In this gallery, a variety of panels, dioramas, taxidermy, and interactive features bring the islands’ natural history to life.

The Cultural History Gallery offers exhibits on the political and judicial systems, life in the islands, and the nation’s seafaring history.


This excursion is led in English