Gardens of the Valley

Approximately 4 hours
Moderate Activity 

Immerse yourself in the peace, tranquility, and abundant color of the beautiful plants, flowers, and vegetation that inhabit the Canary Islands.

Follow the highway to Puerto del la Cruz to visit the Botanic Garden, founded in 1788 by the royal decree of Charles III of Spain. The purpose was to form an area where plants, shrubs, and flowers brought by the Conquistadors from the New World could acclimate to Spanish soil. Many of the plants in the garden are the original specimens delivered shortly after the opening of the garden. The centerpiece is a huge South American fig tree whose enormous branches and roots have created an outlandish tree house.

Don't miss the Risco Bella Garden -- a unique style of garden in complete contrast to the Botanic Garden. This venue features attractive waterfalls and colorful terraces of local flowers.

Discover the Orchid Gardens of Sitio Litre -- part of the history of Puerto de la Cruz in that many distinguished visitors such as Agatha Christie, Alexander von Humboldt, and Marianne North have visited this site. The delightful garden abounds with color and tranquility, with the main attraction being the largest collection of orchids in the Canary Islands and the oldest dragon tree in Puerto de la Cruz.


This excursion is led in English