A Walk through Cherbourg

Approximately 3 hours 30 minutes
Strenuous Activity 

Walk from the pier to Cherbourg's city center. Cherbourg was known to the Romans as Coriovallum, but the valley in which Cherbourg lies had earlier been settled by the Megalithic peoples of northern France. The present shape of the town is almost wholly due to more recent developments. Situated within the arc of a broad and shallow bay, Cherbourg was dangerously exposed to northwesterly gales, and was never seriously considered a viable port before Vauban began to proselytize on its behalf.

Learn about the exuberant daily activity of the fishing port and marina that are set right in the heart of town.

Follow your guide on foot along the manmade piers with their floodlighting following the rhythm of tides, and appreciate the very special atmosphere of a town open to the sea.

Enjoy some free time for exploring or shopping before you walk back to pier. Guests who wish to stay in town to shop or explore independently are welcome to do so, but must make their own way back to the ship.


This excursion is led in English