Let's Go Volcano!

Approximately 6 Hours
Strenuous Activity  Meal 

embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure discovering the volcanic environs of the reykjanes peninsula.

the adrenaline kicks in pier side as you board your specially modified super truck -- your transportation for today's volcanic journey. your first stop is at the perfectly formed lava ring and crater of stóra eldborg (3,000 years old) where you will take an invigorating hike up the steep flanks of the crater, enjoying breath-taking views of the lunar-like surroundings on your way to the way to the top.

next on the agenda is a lava-tube caving experience. following a short drive, and subsequent walk over spongy moss and uneven ground, your guide will locate the almost undetectable cave entrance via gps. gear up, donning a safety helmet, and grab a high-beam flashlight to embark on a journey into the mysterious depths of the icelandic underworld.

visit the bubbling hot springs and fumaroles at the high temperature geothermal field of krýsuvík, located in the middle of the fissure zone that traverses iceland.

in the nearby fishing village of grindavík, a lunch of lobster (langoustine) soup is served with freshly baked bread.

returning to civilization, you will head back to reykjavik and the ship.


walking and caving are required of all participants. this tour is a grade 4 hike (with 5 being the most difficult). suitable only for guests who are physically fit. please realistically assess your physical fitness and ability prior to booking, as the walk is uphill, over unpaved, rough walking tracks with many steps and the walk up to stóra eldborg crater is a large area of very loose gravel. pregnant women are not allowed to participate. not suitable for guests with back or neck conditions. minimum age is 8 years. dress warmly in layers. wear sturdy, non-skid walking or hiking shoes. the cave is small and tight; not suitable for persons that suffer from claustrophobia. helmets with headlights are provided. the vehicle rides very high; partipicants must be able to (dis)embark the vehicle without assistance. dietary requests must be made on board the ship well prior to the call at reykjavík.


This excursion is led in English