About Website Registration:

Why do I have to register for the website?
The enhanced web site now requires a user ID and password to ensure confidentiality for our users for making online transactions, like Checking in online, or booking Journeys Ashore™, gifts or cruises. Your account also gives you the freedom to save favorites in both cruises and Journeys Ashore, for your ease in vacation planning. For your privacy and security, we ask that you register for My Account yourself and set your own password.

For those who have booked a cruise online:

Can I use my old ID and password to get into the web site?
No, you will need to register again, with your same email address and password you used when booking your cruise.

I currently receive promotional emails from HAL, why do I have to register my email address again?
This registration is specific to using the website. For your privacy and security, we ask that you register for My Account yourself and set your own password. You are not automatically registered if you have already signed up to receive email promotions. If you are already signed up for email promotions, you do not need to sign up again to receive them.

About Navigating the site:

How do I find cruise or Land+Sea Journey pricing?
From the top navigation, go to Find cruises and choose either the cruise finder or the Land+Sea Journey finder. From there, make your selections and click the button to view cruise itineraries. The search results page will come up next, with a selection of cruise itineraries showing basic information like pricing and dates. From there, choose the itinerary you wish by clicking the view details button, and it will take you to a page with the itinerary detail as well as ship, Journeys Ashore and port details. You now can explore changing the departure date by using the date drop down to see if there is any change in price or availability.

The site is so large, how do I find the information I need?
You have several options. There is navigation on the top and bottom of each page, with drop down menus if needed. Just click the area of interest. The site map is another resource (found in the lower right corner of the site) for looking at the abundance of choices available on the website. The site search box is another option, found on the upper right corner of the page; just key in the area of interest and search results will be in the subsequent page.

How do I access the Journeys Ashore eBrochure?
We recommend using the Journeys Ashore area of the website, reached from the Explore Destinations drop down menu on the top navigation, as it is the most up to date for the Journey Ashore in each port.
If the eBrochure is still desired, you may find them within each destination. Using the top navigation, choose Destinations, choose the destination of interest and you will see the Journey Ashore e-brochure listed in a grey box at the bottom right hand side of the page.

Why when I click a link nothing happens?
Check your pop-up blocker, it might be inhibiting a link to an external source from opening up. Also, AOL sometimes inhibits pop-ups.

About Online Check-in:

Can my travel agent complete the Online check-in form on my behalf?
We recommend that you complete the Online check-in in order to accept the terms and conditions of the cruise contract yourself (okay for spouse or parent to accept for family). However, a travel agent may complete Online Check-In on your behalf. Please review the Express Docs for information regarding the terms and conditions of the cruise contract. For guests who do not have access to a travel agent, the web site or were unable to complete Online Check-In by 3 days prior to travel, you must be checked in pier side AT LEAST 90 minutes prior to departure in order to guarantee boarding.

Is logging into the web site the same as logging into the online check-in process?
No. Once you have logged into hollandamerica.com, you may then proceed to the Online Check-in process. Links to Online Check-in are found on the homepage as well as in the Booked Guest section reached from the top navigation. Once you land on the Online check-in page, click the button on the upper right to take you into the process.