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Veendam’s Dry-Dock in 40 Seconds

Chief Officer Jochem Bakker sent us another one of his wonderful and fun time-lapse videos. This one was taken recently during Veendam’s dry-dock. According to Bakker, the video shows the ship moving from the fingerpier to the dry dock and the subsequent raising of the dock.

Webcam On Rotterdam In Rotterdam

We received this update from Ben van Zeijl in Rotterdam: Hallo! Great news from the Home port of Rotterdam. Former HAL Flagship tss Rotterdam V will open for public on July 27 2009. The Grand Lady of the Seas will be operated as a hotel, restaurant, congress center, theater and museum in her former home…   read more of “Webcam On Rotterdam…”

Glacier Bay — The Half-Minute Tour

Last spring on the ms Ryndam, I captured the magic of Glacier Bay National Park in another time-capture sequence. Of course, nothing can compare to actually being on board and enjoying this magnificent environment with all your senses, but this video will give you the experience in a nutshell (if you can crack one in…   read more of “Glacier Bay — The…”