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Koningsdam Unveiled: New Images & Videos Launch on

When Holland America Line welcomes ms Koningsdam to the fleet in April 2016, the ship will debut a new era in design approach for the line. As the first ship in the Pinnacle class, the 2,650-guest ship will have an interior that blends a fresh, contemporary styling in perfect harmony with the line’s renowned classic elegance.

Future guests, travel agents and ship fans can now get the first look at select interior renderings on Holland America Line’s website, The story of the ship will unfold online over the coming months through vibrant renderings, engaging videos, ship facts and more details about the interiors created by Adam D. Tihany and Bjørn Storbraaten.

“When guests come aboard ms Koningsdam they’ll know they’re on a Holland America Line ship, but they’ll see we’re taking a forward-thinking approach to many of the design elements,” said Stein Kruse, CEO of Holland America Group. “Revealing the first renderings and video of ms Koningsdam enables us to give future guests an advance look at the stunning interiors and over the coming months will reveal innovative new features along with our classics hallmarks that will create a cruise experience for the travelers of tomorrow.”

Adam_Tihany_250At the helm of the interior conceptualization is Adam D. Tihany, regarded as one of the world’s pre-eminent hospitality designers. A leader in creating luxurious and creative interiors at some of the world’s most iconic properties, Tihany has approached ms Koningsdam with an eye toward creating public spaces that reflect the tradition and signature elegance for which Holland America Line is known, while elevating the design to strike a more modern balance of past, present and future.

Focusing on fluid curves and graceful lines, light-filled spaces and the natural flow of public areas, Tihany’s metaphorical approach to the interiors of ms Koningsdam was inspired by the “architecture of music.”

“The idea was to tell a story that guests can connect with throughout their voyage,” said Tihany. “I was inspired by the thought of what you might see from the inside of a musical instrument, what the architecture of the surfaces and the geometry look like.”

Key to his concept is utilizing visual interaction, where guests actively engage with the architecture rather than passively moving through it.

“The design isn’t a literal translation of music, but a conceptual approach where we seek to evoke the feeling and beauty of an instrument with graceful lines, dramatic textures, lighting effects and use of materials,” said Tihany. “My inspirations were not only instruments, but also majestic spaces and exaggerating the feeling of height, so guests feel the grandeur of every room.”

For example, at the heart of the ship Tihany is creating visual drama with the central atrium. Soaring three decks high, the space is graced by an airy stainless-steel sculpture that represents the synthesis of a string quartet. Like music, the experience changes as guests move around and through it, so no two perspectives are the same. The atrium is capped by a ceiling “skylight” that serves as a backdrop for subtly changing high-definition projections.

Koningsdam's Atrium.

Koningsdam’s Atrium.

Koningsdam's Atrium.

Koningsdam’s Atrium.

Guests will look up by day and see wispy cirrus clouds floating in an azure sky or perhaps soothing images of light in water. By evening, the atrium takes on dramatic lighting hues or reflects the starlit constellations of the night sky.

Hallmark Venues Reimagined with A Fresh Approach
The main Dining Room aboard ms Koningsdam will span two floors and be framed by views of the sea. A bright interior will be inspired by a modern, global design and sets the stage for the exceptional culinary experience to come. Strong, curved architectural pillars will accentuate the soaring ceiling. Chic, custom furnishings and modern glass lighting are being fabricated especially for the ship. The centerpiece is a curved copper sheath surrounding a two-story wine tower showcasing an impressive selection.

Koningsdam's beautiful Main Dining Room.

Koningsdam’s beautiful Main Dining Room.

The iconic Queen’s Lounge has been completely reimagined as an elegant theater and entertainment venue that spans two floors. Tihany once again drew inspiration for the space from music, nodding to the sensual curves of a violin and featuring extensive use of wood, fluid waveforms and light. With state-of-the-art technology, the Queen’s Lounge will showcase world-class musicians and the largest dance floor on the ship.

The upper floor of the Queen's Lounge.

The upper floor of the Queen’s Lounge.

Architect and Designer Bjørn Storbraaten Joins Tihany in Blending Contemporary Styling with Brand Hallmarks
Bjorn_Storbraaten_175Architect and designer Bjørn Storbraaten joins Tihany in bringing the ship to life in a familiar yet innovative style. With his previous work on ms Eurodam and ms Nieuw Amsterdam, Storbraaten adds continuity of the brand to ms Koningsdam, while taking elegance to the next level.

“It’s been fascinating to work on ms Koningsdam where we are introducing design elements never before seen on Holland America Line,” said Storbraaten. “We were tasked with evolving the look and feel of the ship while keeping it true to the brand, making this an exciting and rewarding project.”

Storbraaten’s hand is clearly present in the design of the central pool area. The Magrodome, which typically is a single level on Holland America Line ships, has been expanded to two levels to create a vast glass-enclosed space. The lower level will have more traditional poolside elements, while the mezzanine level will be a new concept for the brand and create the refined atmosphere of a European bathhouse. In addition to other areas, Storbraaten is designing the exotic look of Tamarind, the line’s Pan-Asian restaurant that emphasizes nature’s basic elements: water, wood, fire and earth.

Across the ship, Tihany and Storbraaten are working together to make ms Koningsdam an evolution of the Holland America Line brand.

The elegant Pinnacle Grill alternative restaurant is sure to delight guests.

The elegant Pinnacle Grill alternative restaurant is sure to delight guests.

A Signature Suite.

A Signature Suite.

A Vista Suite.

A Vista Suite.

A verandah spa stateroom.

A verandah spa stateroom.

A verandah stateroom.

A verandah stateroom.

An ocean-view stateroom.

An ocean-view stateroom.

New family staterooms on Koningsdam.

New family staterooms on Koningsdam.

An interior stateroom.

An interior stateroom.

Over the coming months, even more innovative features and detailed renderings of ms Koningsdam will be released on the company’s website. Early season premier itineraries will be revealed in the coming weeks, in advance of these first ms Koningsdam sailings opening for booking on Dec. 1.

What do you think? Which interiors are you most excited to see revealed? Tell us below!

  • B A Janecek

    HAL Koningsdam looks to be a very elegant tastefully designed vessel. Is the information about the mechanical/engineering fuel consumption, power, tonnage etc available?

    I very much look forward also to finding about the intinaries, and who will be the her captain, what a privilege that will be for him or her?

    I am looking forward to being aboard the Koningsdam2015. Enjoyed sailing on HAL these past years, a fantastic experience.

    Congratulations to all who made the Koningdam possible. Hopefully this vessel will live up to her grand name.

    My preference is for your smaller ships, but looking forward to a new experience.

  • Bob and Sharon

    Been waiting with baited breath for 1st Dec so that we can book. This looks a magnificent ship.

  • Carol dunn

    Just came off 2 HAL cruises -Panama Canal. And Caribbean in last 4 weeks. Would like to see tables for 2 in Pinnacle Grill. Also, we always book a SA Neptune suite would like to see photos and ship/deck plan for Neptune suites.

  • Michel Ottink

    Ziet er geweldig uit, alleen jullie moeten ook eens aan de singles gaan denken net zoals NCL er aan begonnen is. Gaan jullie hem nog dopen in Rotterdam? Door Koning Willem!
    Ik ga vast sparen…

  • Johanna Oostewegel

    Are the single cabin prices still based on a “double occupancy” price?
    Will the rest of the fleet follow suit with single occupancy cabins?
    It is the only way I can travel in the future. 440 days and counting, I hope!
    Mariner number 012608526

  • L & M Bothur

    Wonderful looking, love the look of fresh and bright looking staterooms, definitely want to sail on this ship and HAL again.

    Maria B. Australia

  • Sandi Montgomery

    The new colors and concept are very appealing (a European flare). We traveled many years ago wth Holland America several times to Alaska & this is a definite change for the line. Look forward to hearing more about the cruises.

  • Maria

    Have been on 3 Holland America cruise ships. Would love this one to be the fourth!

  • Margaret

    Love the new look especially the light furniture also the Aqua colour in the Spa Suites. Will
    Definitely book a 2016 cruise.

  • Geraldine Kasten

    Have a real appreciation for Holland America cruises. Looks like your new ship will be
    a great place to visit as well as the places you will take me.

  • Nancy

    The Queen’s Lounge seating, especially the upper level, looks like it does not accommodate very many viewers, and the views of the stage seem to be limited. Is this the main theater for
    viewing stage productions? It looks more like nightclub seating instead of theater seating.

  • Nancy

    Wish one of the itineraries included Venice. We love HAL, but really enjoy the smaller ships,
    especially the Princendam.

  • Don Matas

    I’ve cruised with HAL maybe a half dozen times but it’s been a few years now. Always a great experience. This is a beautiful ship. Will definitely consider it for a future cruise.

  • Honey B. Marker

    What are the rates for single person in veranda stateroom?

  • john w. schaefer

    The new ship looks fantastic the wife and I are looking forward to another great HAL cruise is the ship coming to a USA port soon please post a full skd. for the year if that is possible.

  • Shirley Rhodenizer

    we have been on Holland American Cruise ships.
    they are all so beautiful, Can’t wait to see this one up close !!

  • Marianne Hoek

    Hooked and booked HAL , looking forward to see and be on this beautiful ship!!!

  • Geri Fudge

    I’ve sailed on Holland ships for years in preference to other lines mainly because of their size, service, ports, etc. Also, I’ve booked a sailing for February 2016 on the new Koningsdam and I can’t wait to see and experience all the new designs and its splendor!!!!

  • Dr. George T. Prigmore

    As a **** Mariner (037798782), it’s obvious I love HAL ships. I am now booked on the February 20, 2016 maiden voyage of the new Koningsdam (Booking Number VL4GHC and am excited to see the ship, though my love for the S-Class and R-Class HAL ships will never leave me. As soon as Pre- and Post cruise packages are available I would like to receive the information.

  • Joyce Mann

    What is the fare for a single cabin on the 21 day Southern Caribbean Seafarer Nov or Feb.?

  • Julie

    Joyce, we do not have that information. Please contact your travel agent or Holland America Line reservations at

  • Sandra

    Love the look of the new color scheme. On the Eurodam, the oceanview spa cabins have a picture window – is it the same on the Koningsdam? Also, are some interior cabins larger than others and how do you know when you book?

  • Syl Belisle

    Having thoroughly enjoyed the Zandamon a South America trip, and Prinsendam from Rome to Amsterdam, we are really looking forward to the Koningsdam’s inaugural cruise, long since booked! It promises to be the best of the best!

  • Marion Handscomb

    Nowhere is there. Photo of the single staterooms. Can you please advise of cost structure for single travellers in single accommodation. Thank you. Marion Handscomb

  • Julie

    Hi Marion, if you reach out to or your travel agent, they will have the cost structure for singles. Best!

  • Janet

    Very disappointed that HAL has moved AWAY from having a traditional promenade deck. What I loved most about HAL was th traditional feel of the ships and the sea view from the promenade. I won’t be sailing on this ship!

  • Cheryl Loney

    I was hoping to see the Single cabin.

  • Julie

    Cheryl, there is a photo of a single stateroom in this post:

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