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Will the Lanai Doors Have Keys?

We recently were asked if the Lanai sliding doors that open onto the deck also have an electronic key lock. Veendam’s Hotel Manager Frank Ulbricht sent us this answer:

We will have two keys for the Lanai cabins. One is the standard cabin key, the second one is for the sliding doors. It’s the same electronic key that Holland America Line uses in the head office. These keys are used to open the doors from the outside of the cabin.

The sliding doors will shut automatically after 30 seconds, so don’t forget your key in your cabin and steer clear of the doorway.

The door will automatically lock once it shuts. The doors will reopen once they sense a resistance when closing. I tried it with my hand and after a quick pressure on the hand, the door opened again. It didn’t hurt.

Thanks, Frank!

  • Torikoos

    I wonder how water and wind tight these doors are. Being on the lower prom deck, kind of exposed to the elements, I’m a little worried for water ingress during rough seas or deck washing etc..

  • Joserus

    Is the closing feature of the door an electronic one similar to an elevator door?

    Will these doors be able to stay open if say the guest is sitting just outside the cabin? (I’m assuming that there will be chairs on the lanai similar to a balcony). Or will they close regardless and the guest should carry his key at all times?

    Will Lanai guests need to carry around 2 keys at all times or will their main door key be coded for their lanai door too for convenience?

  • Roland


    We went on Veendam today to look at the dry-dock changes and we looked at the lanai staterooms. The lanai doors are really heavy duty and look very substantial and very well sealed to the deck.

  • Roland

    Yes, the door automatically closes, but if something is in the doorway, the door stays open, just like an elevator door. The door won’t stay open unless the doorway is blocked. There are beautiful teak lounge chairs on the deck. As we understand it, there are two keys, and the key to the lanai door is a different kind of key from the card key that is used for the main stateroom door.

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