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Volendam’s Real Life Hero

A big token of gratitude is in order for Volendam Salon Manager Cynthia Ferguson who was presented with the “Life Saver Award” for saving a passenger’s life! Two cruises ago, she saved a guest’s life in the dining room by performing the Heimlich maneuver to stop her from choking. The guest wrote a letter to our Captain expressing her gratitude. She wrote, “I saw my life flash before my eyes. Then she came to my rescue. I was saved by her fast actions. Thank you Cyn.” For this, we presented her with a “Life Saver Award.” Amazing job, Cynthia!


Anne Marie is Volendam’s human resources manager.

  • Joan Hopke

    Congratulations on a job well done!

  • charlotte van horne squarcy

    Good for you. Appreciated by all!

  • Leon Morrison

    Sincere congratulations to Ms. Ferguson.

    Thank God people have learned the Heimlich maneuver. While on the Amsterdam last August, a gentleman suffered a similar circumstance. He was in obvious distress and was revived by Presty Jenggo, the assistant dining room manager. Wish you would recognize him as well…

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