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Volendam Engine Department Completes HAL Leadership Academy

Here is a HAL University graduation photo of the officer’s of Volendam’s studious and hard-working engine department who went through the five modules of the Leadership Academy during our Pacific crossing in September 2011. The photo was taken in the engine room on one of the ship’s engines. Congrats to the new graduates!

Volendam_HAL University

Starting at the top, from left: Cadet Engineer Alisdair Newton-Wade and 3rd Engineer Wido Ruben De Jongh. Second row from left: Assistant Facilities Manager Redentor Julian, Chief Electrician Wilhelmus J.M. Kappert, 3rd Engineer Roelof Jan Soeteman, 4th Engineer Jamil Abdul Majid Harnaikar, Chief Engineer Hendricus A.C. De Bruijn and 4th Engineer Enrico Manuguid Padilla. Bottom line, from left: Assistant Facilities Manager Alexander A.J. Clercx, 4th Engineer Anthony Alto Soriano, Cadet Engineer Troy Colebrook, 2nd Electrician Glen Charles Roycroft, 2nd Electrician Chad Peter Mitchell, me and 2nd Engineer Mark Patrick Crowe.

Hanna Eklof is Volendam’s human resources manager.

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