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The Biggest Loser is the Biggest Winner

Thanks to Linda Ellenberger, Statendam‘s event manager and Biggest Loser Winner, for this great post!

Biggest Losers become the Best Winners for Better Fitness and Lifestyle Choices

For the past several weeks we have seven brave souls take on the challenge of changing their lives and the success with help from two of our wonderful instructors was the total loss in five weeks’ time of 86 pounds. The weight loss ranges were from 25.5 lbs to 8lbs. All winners, in their own goals and life changing choices. That is equal to a third grader, gone from our lives, and the weight has been kept off… this is just the start as many of the participants will continue this life journey to better health and wellness through fun exercise activities which included boxing and swimming to dancing and yoga in addition to learning how to eat healthy while onboard for best results.

With positive encouragement and accountability we became a support team that will continue on even after this round is done. This has also encouraged more crew on board that watched the transitions and the team building to want to be part of it, which has led to the start of round two very soon.

Statendam's Biggest Loser Winner Linda Ellenberger.

Statendam’s Biggest Loser Winner Linda Ellenberger.

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  • Barbara Smerek

    Congratulations Linda,
    We were on the Statendam recently, and with your 40 plus lb. weight loss you look absolutely amazing. Keep up the good work. So proud of you

    Allan and Barbara

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