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Rotterdam’s New Hire Chat and Service Awards

Here are a few pictures from our Service Award ceremony and New Hire Chat.

New Hire and Service Awards

In all of the below photos, to the left of the recipients is Captain Marco Carsjens and to the right is Hotel Director Mike Mahn.

Jeckerie Orogo Abubo 20 Year

Jeckerie Orogo Abubo, 20 years of service.

Genaro Erese 20 year

Genaro Erese, 20 years of service.

Indra Gunawan Santoso 10 Year

Indra Gunawan Santoso, 10 years of service.

Hadi Bahtiar 10 year

Hadi Bahtiar, 10 years of service.

Steveson Mirador 10 year

Steveson Mirador, 10 years of service.

Romulo Canillo 10 year

Romulo Canillo, 10 years of service.

Dindo Benjamin Capunitan 10 year

Dindo Benjamin Capunitan, 10 years of service.

I Ketut Jaya 10 year

I Ketut Jaya, 10 years of service.

Dhana Agusaputra 10 year

Dhana Agusaputra, 10 years of service.

I Gusti Agung Ngurah Jayendra 10 Year

I Gusti Agung Ngurah Jayendra, 10 years of service.

Julie Seidel is Rotterdam’s human resource manager.

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