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Noordam’s Got Talent

Noordam's budding photographer, Andy Chandra Kosim.

It is very refreshing to see the number of talented people we have on board ms Noordam. We see them on a daily basis performing their job duties they were hired for, but many of them have special talents that most of us know nothing about.

Andy Chandra Kosim is one of the laundry attendants on board Noordam. He was born in Palembang, Indonesia, and began working with Holland America on May 11, 2009. He is a very talented young photographer and with the money he earns on ms Noordam, he could see his dreams come true.

On his first vacation he studied basic photography with a famous Indonesian artist who recognized his talent and encouraged him to follow his passion. While on Noordam he spent all of his money purchasing expensive cameras and lenses in preparation for an advanced photography course.

Recently he put together a superb mosaic that he offered as a present to Captain Hans Mateboer on his anniversary. He created the mosaic from 1,500 photos he took on the ship.

Mosaic of Noordam's Captain Hans Mateboer. Andy created this mosaic from well-over
1,500 photos he took during his time on board the ship.

Andy’s future plans? To open his own studio and teach the younger Indonesian generation the art of photography.

Andy captured this amazing shot of Amsterdam while at port.

Photo by Andy Chandra Kosim.

Ioana Cheregi is ms Noordam’s human resources manager.

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