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Just Another Day in the Office

Some people take a car to work, some the subway. Not a lot of people can say they’re taking a ship from A to B. Imagine that you would have to have a meeting every time you get in your car. Imagine you would have to take wind speed, weather and numerous other factors into consideration before you turn your keys in the ignition. Imagine you would have to pick up a pilot before parking your car…

The hundreds of nautical officers in our company can imagine. Because they do all these things before starting up their transportation. Every single day. Again and again. For them, the officers who steer our vessels, it’s a standard practice to meet and discuss all these things in order to bring our guests and crew safely from one destination to another. For them, ‘just another day in the office’ has a whole different meaning.

For those working on the bridge, the slogan ‘just another day in the office’ doesn’t exist. We’re proud to have these officers in our company.

Bert van Mackelenbergh is Veendam’s hotel director.

  • Pete

    Yep, just think if you had a crew that takes all those into account. I hop in my car and take weather, wind road conditions etc, all without a crew.

  • Almuth

    Well put reminder to us all ! Thank you !

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