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In the Spotlight: Cindy Castro, Guest Relations Manager

Meet Statendam’s Guest Relations Manager Cindy Castro:

I started with the company in 2001 as a guest relations attendant and worked my way up to my current position as guest relations manager. I worked in a 5-star hotel in the Philippines for seven years after graduating from The University of Santo Tomas where I received a bachelor of science in tourism. I loved reading books and watching travel shows with my dad while growing up, but I never imagined that I would visit the places I had read about!

Working on ships is a very fulfilling experience. I love returning to familiar places and sights, meeting different kinds of people and being exposed to different cultures altogether. As a guest relations manager, I welcome the challenge of dealing with difficult situations and guests and the feeling of accomplishment when my team and I overcome the hurdles. The highlight of my career is the pride I feel in being part of the team that set up three of the Vista Class ships and the first Signature Class ship, the ms Eurodam.

Bert van Mackelenbergh is Statendam’s hotel manager.

  • Patricia B

    This is wonderful to read about our very favourite GRM, Cindy. On our May Statendam cruise she proved to be professional, efficient, helpful and an absoulte joy to deal with. She cares about her job, the positive effect she can have on her passengers and obviously enjoys what can be a difficcult job. We sincerely hope to sail with her again one day soon.

  • William Foster

    Greetings. Our party of 6 is scheduled for a cruise on the Eurodam 4/11-4/15 this year. Because I am an ordained minister who has conducted religious services on your ships before, and because April 12th is Easter Sunday, I’m requesting permission to conduct an Easter service on Sunday, 4/12 for the guests who would like to attend such an event. This would be an interdenomination al service which could include congregational participation in hymn singing, as well as provided instrumental and special music, and a short devotional message. Please respond ASAP by email, or phone (360-659-1695) so our group can plan accordingly. My booking number for this cruise is #CCWW2C. Thank you………..

  • Julie

    Hi William, many thanks for the offer, however we already have clergy on board to perform a service. That said, you may speak to guest relations when you embark to see if they have a need for your generous offer.

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