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Human Resources Managers Converge in Ft. Lauderdale

Thanks to Traveling Human Resources Manager Sheldon James for sending in this post.

Sixteen seagoing human resources managers from the Holland America Line left Ft. Lauderdale with several new ideas to implement with the line’s on-board employees after their recent five-day conference, held from March 19 – 23. This was the fourth time all of the ships’ human resources managers were able to meet since the implementation of the position in 2007.

Presenters at the conference included Senior Director Human Resources Seagoing Todd Kimmel, Deputy Director of Human Resources Jason Pedersen, Traveling Human Resources Manager Sheldon James, Training and Development Director Brian Johnson, Training Manager Jaime Seba and special guest facilitator Milton Perkins from the Society for Human Resource Management.

From front left to right going back: Jaime van der Loo, Christy Pryor, Jeff Schibel, Amy Kreft, Darryl Jones, Julie Seidel, Kateryna Bannikova, Jack Rebours, Joseph Reina, Sheldon James, Myles Williams, Anne Marie Fischbach, Anthony Garofalo, Hanna Eklof, Linda Daire, Carla Thomas, Peggy Lee Kaham, Deputy Director Jason Pedersen, Senior Director Todd Kimmel.

  • Hernan Rojas

    Good Day..

    My name is Hernan Rojas I´m from Colombia-Bogota D.C

    I would like apply for a job in the the food and beverages department as Bartender in Holland America Cruises. I´m a Bartender for 9 years working on cruise ship on board of COSTA CRUISES, getting a good job experience and a good job evaluations and languages. I´m available to be part for this cruise ship company and I would like to get the chance of the interview process with all of view

    Thank you so much Indeed and I would hearing any news from all of view.

    Sincerely: Hernan Rojas

  • Julie

    Hernan, please visit the employment area on the Holland America Line website. Good luck!

  • Heriana nugraha

    May i know mr sheldon james email

  • Julie

    Unfortunately we cannot give out the emails of our employees due to security.

  • Elizabeth Marian Sloane

    I wold like to contact Mr. Todd W Kimmel. Is there any way that you could provide me with an email address or some other way of contacting him. I would very much appreciate some help.

    Elizabeth Sloane (4 star Mariner)

  • Julie

    Hi Elizabeth, unfortunately I cannot give our emails, and he is a Seabourn employee. But you can contact Seabourn reservations and ask for him: 1‐877‐932‐4259.

  • Elizabeth Marian Sloane

    Hi Julie, Thank you so much for your response. The reason I wanted to contact Mr. Kimmel
    is I would like to give a recommendation for an employee who is being terminated. I have a lot of respect for this employee and would like to help if possible.
    My question is, does Mr. Kimmel still hold the Resource position at Holland America. I noticed that there was a time that he held positions both at Holland America and at Seabourne.

  • Julie

    He is just Seabourn. If someone is being terminated there’s usually just cause. But your desire to help if possible is very nice!

  • Ernesto Samson

    Good day,

    I’m Ernesto Samson currently working as Sanitation Officer. I’ve been at sea for 26 years with different position in F&B department. Would it be possible to ask to whom I need to send my CV direct as I’m hoping there is a position available in your company.

    Kind regards,

    Ernesto Samson
    Sanitation Officer

  • Julie

    Hi Ernesto, please apply through the Careers page at

  • Kiran

    Sir I have completed a interview at dolphin shipping services. For Holland american line. And now I got one offer letter. But in that offer letter written that I need to pay $750 it real or not

  • Julie

    Please visit this page:

    Holland America Line has been made aware of fraudulent entities around the world claiming to represent Holland America Lines’ Human Resources department. We are working with our legal department in an effort to stop these activities. Only the Hiring Partners listed here are authorized to provide recruitment and placement services for Holland America Line:

    Viking Recruitment Limited
    United Philippine Lines, Inc. (UPL)
    PT Sumber Bakat Insani (SBI)
    Carnival Support Services India Pvt. Ltd (CSSI)
    CTI Group Worldwide Services, Inc. – Bangkok

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