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Eurodam Gets a Cruise Ship Medical First

Now that Blog Correspondent Pam has moved on board, she’s been even busier finding stories for the ENB. Here’s her latest:

Eurodam is the first cruise ship to receive a digital X-ray machine made specifically for use in a maritime environment. (Editor’s note: Digital X-rays are not developed using chemicals like conventional X-rays and they can be easily e-mailed to landside medical facilities for consultation.)

The first two units are used by the U.S. Navy. What makes this X-ray machine unique is that it has extra reinforced steel and a lock to prevent movement while an X-ray is being taken — an important feature on a ship at sea.

“Our X-ray supplier, Ship Rad, whom we have worked with for 20 years, always looks for the best equipment for us,” explained Sally van Boheemen, director of fleet medical operations.

What does it take to supply and set up the ship’s medical department? Sally showed me 253 boxes in total of supplies that were sent to Eurodam. Here is just a sample of the infirmary’s supplies:

5 AED machines
2750 Tylenol pills
3 cardiac monitors
3 intubation kits
20,000 Sea Calm pills
50 O2 masks
2 intensive care beds
40 different kinds of instruments
Supplies for two medical offices: one for the guest doctor and one for the crew doctor

The x-ray machine in the medical facility

Left to right: Margie Capparelli, nurse; Lorrie Rail, nurse; Joann Burnett, representative from Bellgrove Medical Supply; Sally van Boheemen, director of fleet medical operations, and Linda Satterfield, lead nurse.

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