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Congrats to Maasdam’s HAL U Graduates!

On August 14, Maasdam had another HAL U Graduation ceremony for 22 leaders and supervisors. With all these completions, this nearly puts Maasdam on a 100% compliance for the training program. Congrats to all graduates!!

Maasdam graduates

Jaime de Castro-van der Loo is Maasdam’s human resources manager.

  • Sue in Nebraska

    I’ve noticed the name above of Jaime de Castro-Van Der Loo, Maasdam’s HR Mgr. Is she the daughter of Capt. Van Der Loo on the Oosterdam? I’ve sailed twice on the O with him as Capt. He has a good sense of humor! 🙂 Just wondering if Jaime was related to him?

    Love the blog!

  • Julie

    Hi Sue! We asked the same thing first time we met Jaime! No relation 🙂 But good observation!

  • Jaime

    Hi Sue & Julie,

    Exactly! I haven’t even had the pleasure to meet Captain van der Loo.

    Thank you for asking, though…and Julie: Thanks for answering 🙂

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