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Have You Visited Me at Gypsy Cove?

Hello from the Falkland Islands! If you did not have the chance to visit me last time your ship was in port you may want to try to do it next time. It is worth it! My name is Pingu and I live on a white sandy beach at Gypsy Cove in the Falkland Islands together with my family. If it is a bright sunny day we are out working in our yard or enjoying a swim in the blue crystal water.

We enjoy modeling for you as long as you don’t feed us or try to get too close. We always wear our tuxedo in case a crazy tourist starts taking photos! How do you get to the Gypsy Cove? Well, take a taxi that will cost you only $20 per person round trip and tell the driver that you have an appointment with Pingu.

See you soon,



Me, Ioana, at Gypsy Cove.

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