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Holland America Line Transfers Make Getting To and From Your Ship Easy

Thanks to Erik Tomren, senior specialist of hotel & tour management at Holland America Line, who wrote this post in collaboration with Danielle Rosenow, manager of hotel & tour management, to inform readers about the transfer services for guests that are offered to/from the ship.


A Holland America Line cruise is an exciting adventure, and part of the appeal of a cruise vacation is the ease. Guests unpack one time, enjoy gracious accommodations and wake up in a fabulous new port almost daily without having to take another plane, bus or train. No need to drag luggage to different destinations or book multiple hotels. And everything is at your fingertips: delicious dining, exceptional entertainment, shore excursions, a state-of-the-art gym, relaxing spa, onboard classes and lectures, attentive crew members who cater to your every need and so much more.

Another way to make your cruise experience hassle-free is by taking advantage of Holland America Line’s transfer service that makes getting to and from the ship easy and convenient. We know the ports, so you don’t have to. And once you’ve booked your transfer and provided your flight information, we’ll take it from there.

So many questions arise when trying to get to the ship, and often we hear questions from our guests like:

“Where exactly is the pier located?”

“Do local taxi drivers speak English? How am I supposed to explain where to go?”

“Do taxis accept U.S. currency or credit or debit cards?”

“Is it even safe to use local transportation in this port?”

“What happens if an accident occurs along the way? Will the ship know to wait for me?”

The difficulties of arranging transportation can seem daunting if you’ve never been to a port or you don’t speak the local language. So this is why we recommend that you relax and let Holland America Line handle the details. These are some of the major benefits of purchasing one of our transfers:

HAL guests arriving at the ship on their transfer.

HAL guests arriving at the ship on their transfer.

Airport Meet & Greet: We will have a representative waiting for your flight at the airport. They also monitor all flight arrivals. You just have to remember that if you booked your own flights independently to either pre-register during Online Check-In and provide us your flight details or call reservations with your flight details in advance.

Experienced Local Operators: We vet your transportation. We choose from among the best ground operators who are experts in providing local transportation. Their contact information is included in your documents, so they are available should you have an emergency.

English-Speaking Drivers: Our drivers know where the ships are located and are in touch with our staff at the terminal. Our transportation is dependable and safe.

Luxury Transportation: Arrive at the ship in style. We offer luxury, air-conditioned motor coaches. And we help with your luggage, too!

Pre-book & pre-pay: For your convenience, you can pre-book both pre- and post-cruise transfers and let us handle the rest. No waiting in taxi lines or trying to arrange last-minute transportation.

Holland America Line's staff are full of smiles and eager to assist.

Holland America Line’s staff are full of smiles and eager to assist.

What should you do if you’re looking to book our pre- or post-cruise transfers?

Booking a transfer with us is easy. We kindly ask you to contact your travel professional or Holland America Line reservations at 800-426-0327 to make arrangements. Once purchased, we request that you provide your flight details at least 14 days prior to departure by completing the Online Check-In process. Within 14 days we require the air schedule at time of booking. Post-cruise transfers are also available to purchase onboard the ship.

It’s important to note that if you have purchased a pre- or post-cruise Hotel or Vacation Package with us, your transfers are already included in the package price.

Holland America Line offers transfers to/from most major airports near the port city where the ship is docked. Airport transfers also are available for purchase between the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to/from the ports of Rotterdam and IJmuiden in the Netherlands; Miami International Airport to/from Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to/from the port of Vancouver; and from Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport to/from the port of Seward, Alaska. Transfers between select city center locations and Holland America Line ships are available in Amsterdam (for ships in Ijmuiden and Rotterdam), Barcelona, London (for ships in Dover, Harwich, Tilbury and Southampton), Rome and Sydney.

If you have any special needs, especially if you are bringing a wheelchair or for a lift-equipped vehicle, please notify our Access & Compliance Department at 800-547-8493.

We look forward to getting you safely to and from your Holland America Line cruise!

  • chris murphy

    we are on the ms Rotterdam leaving Southampton on 21 December 2015.
    do you have any coach transfers to Southampton from the north (Manchester)


  • Julie

    Chris, I will send this to the reservations department, but I also recommend you contact your local HAL office or your travel agent. Have a great holiday cruise!

  • john anderson

    Holland America transfers are over-priced. Plus you need to wait for a bus transfer and wait to load and unload your luggage. Many times I have found that local taxis are better priced and far more convenient. This coming from a 4 star mariner.

  • Julie

    Hello, John. We value all feedback — good and bad — so thank you for taking the time to comment. If you had a disappointment related to your cruise transfer that you would like assistance with, please email details with your booking number and preferred contact info to our Guest Relations team at

  • AnnaDavis

    I agree with john anderson about over-pricing. For my family this is too much and not always the quality was great. So that`s why we use another one transportation in US – taxi (! For us this is cheaper and more convenient.

  • Natalia

    Good afternoon. We booked a transfer from Amsterdam Airport to the sea port of Rotterdam (29.08). How do we find you after baggage claim? thank

  • Julie

    Natalia, please contact Holland America Line at or your local HAL offices if you are not in the States. They can give you this information. Enjoy your cruise!

  • Gordon S.

    My wife and I are booked on the Prinsendam next July sailing from Amsterdam (Ijmuiden). We have arranged a HAL transfer from Amsterdam the morning of embarkation.

    One question I have is…will there be a kiosk or desk in the lobby of the hotel we leave from where we and the others taking the transfer will meet the bus or van? Will it be marked in any special way? Will we simply meet the bus or van on the curb in front of the hotel?


  • Julie

    Hi Gordon, will be able to answer all of your questions. Please do not hesitate to reach out to them! Happy cruising!

  • Pat

    Are the transfers (Amsterdam to Rotterdam) for use ONLY on the day of airport arrival (departure)? Can you use a HAL transfer if you are staying in port several days before/after cruise? Thank you.

  • Julie

    Pat, good question, and I am trying to get the answer. But please also feel free to email They will know as well.

  • Sharon Lim

    To whom it may concern:
    We are taking the cruise of Noordam Holland America, the sailing day is on April 8 out of Sydney to Vancouver.
    Would you please indicate the pier name and location for the above cruise?

  • Julie

    Sharon, unfortunately we don’t have that info at the blog. Your travel docs should have that. If not, please contact your travel agent or Bon Voyage!

  • Daniela

    We will be departing from Buenos Aires this coming Sunday 21st of February, arriving to Val Paraiso, Chile, on March 6th.
    We are wondering if you could give us an estimate price of a transfer from the pier to the Sheraton Santiago?.
    Are there transfers from Holland America providing this service?
    Thank you very much!!!

  • Julie

    Hi Daniela, please contact reservations or your travel agent. Unfortunately we don’t have that info at the blog: Enjoy!

  • Carl Knapp

    Hi, we are 2 pax staying at the Moevenpick? hotel in downtown for the night of the 18 June. How will we get to the Koningsdam the nest day for the 19 June cruise?? Is there Hotels nearer to the ship we should stay at rather than right in the city

  • Diana

    Hi Carl, please contact guest relations at or 1-877-932-4259 and they will be able to assist you. Happy cruising!

  • Karl Langley

    We are sailing from the port of Athens, could you please tell me how much your transfer from the airport to the port costs?
    Many thanks

  • Julie

    Please contact for transfer information. We do not have this information at the blog, unfortunately.

  • Bob Pritchard

    Will my luggage be transferred to the HAL Westerdam in Venice once booked into Manchester Airport on my departure, without further custom procedures in Venice?

  • Lauren M.

    Hi Bob, please contact our reservations department at 1–877–932–4259. They will be able to answer all of your questions! Happy cruising!

  • Judy Egger

    We will board Nieuw Amsterdam at Vancouver, BC. We originate in Seattle. Where can we get ahuttle to BC?

  • Julie

    Please contact reservations for the most accurate information: 1–877–932–4259.

  • Robin Nix

    I am planning to cruise panama canal from fort Lauderdale I am flying in a day early and leaving a day late.. the transfer fees are only for airport pick up only on cruise day.. and return fee as well???

  • Julie

    Please contact your travel agent or–932–4259. If you are not at a Holland America Line hotel, you might need to arrange your own transfers. Reservations will know for sure.

  • Tanwa Kong

    What is the address for Holland America LINE IN VANCOUVER?

  • Julie

    Hi Tanwa, there is no Holland America Line office in Vancouver. Please contact the office in Seattle. 877–932–4259

  • Gail P Buckley

    When using HAL pre-cruise transfer, what is the latest time we can arrive at Vancouver Airport for a 4:30 p.m. sail time?

  • Julie

    Gail, please contact Reservations for the best assistance in this: 877–932–4259. Unfortunately we don’t have transfer times at the blog.

  • Tania White

    can someone please confirm the exact location of the port the Zaandam will depart in Buenos Aires on Saturday 03 March?

  • Julie

    Hi Tania! The passenger terminal “Quinquela Martín” is located at the intersection of Av. Ramón S. Castillo and Av. De los Inmigrantes, into the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. The link has a map. Cruise Terminal is purple. Near C. Have a great time!

  • Tommy Clark

    We are booked to catch your coach from SeaTac to Vancouver on May 6, 2018. We are flying to Seattle on May 5. Where do we get on your coach and at what time? Tom Clark (806) 787-8782

  • Julie

    Hi Tom, please contact Reservations, as we do not have that info at the blog: 877–932–4259

  • Arleen Stegge

    Our last trip the flights were changed at the airport because of mechanical problems. As a result, the agent was not there to meet us. If this happens again how do we reach someone who can help us ?

  • Julie

    Hi Arleen, we apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact HAL reservations for information on the shoreside representatives. 1–877–932–4259

  • Katherine

    We are flying in to Vancouver then onto Holland America Noordam cruise- how far is Vancouver from the cruise ship?

  • Julie

    Katherine, your best bet for an accurate answer is to ask reservations. 1–877–932–4259.

  • Jay

    Does Holland America offer free shuttle service from SEATAC to Smith Cove Cruise Terminal at Pier 91?

  • Julie

    Hi Jay, there are transfers, but they are not free. You can arrange them through Holland America Line or your travel professional.

  • Pat Czepiel

    Leaving on the Nieuw Statendam January 6, 2019 returning January 20. Looking for flight prices from Newark, NJ to Fort Lauderdale on January 5 and coming back January 21. Also will need hotel prices and transfers. Thank you for any help you can give me.

  • Julie

    Hi Pat, we don’t have pricing or transfer information at the blog. Please contact HAL reservations or your travel partner for the most helpful assistance. 1-855-932-1711

  • Bob

    Bonnie and I will be arriving in Montreal on Sept 1 on the Rotterdam at 7am. We will be heading home Montreal (YUL) airport at 5:28pm. We would like to spend some time in old Montreal without needing to carry our luggage. Can luggage be sent to the airport when we arrive or does it need to be stored until we leave for the airport around 2pm? What are storage options? What are travel to airport options? Thanks for any help.

  • Julie

    Hi Bob, we don’t have luggage storage information at the blog. Please contact reservations or your travel agent for the best assistance. +1-855-932-1711

  • Laura

    We will be returning from a cruise from Norway on 4 August 2019 in Amsterdam and would like to take a flight back home on the same night. Is there any possibility of transfer ONLY for the luggage to the airport, to a fix location , so that we can pick them up after several hours , so we can visit Amsterdam for some hours in the meantime.
    Thanks and regards,

  • Julie

    Hi Laura, you will have to contact reservations to ask about having your luggage sent to the airport first. 1-855-932-1711 or 206-286-3900

  • Gayle

    Hello. We are disembarking form the Westerdam in Yokohama on April 14th and would require transport to Narita Airport. Is that something we can do on-board or should we book it prior to the cruise.

  • Julie

    Please call your travel agent or reservations. We cannot ensure space if waited to book on board. 877–932–4259

  • Greg Grim

    We are booked on Westerdam out of Vancouver on July 28, 2019. I was given to understand that a motor coach would take us from the Seattle airport to the pier in Vancouver on the day of departure. I have not seen any details regarding when and where to meet the bus. Can you please provide this information; thank you.

  • Julie

    Hi Greg, we dont have this information at the blog. Please contact your travel agent or reservations: 855-932-1711

  • Susan

    We are booked for the R6C Alaska Cruise in September 2019. We need to transfer from Seattle to Vancouver in order to get to the ship, but can’t see if this was included in our booking or not. Could you confirm if it is? It’s so hard to find any information or contact anyone specific with this.

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