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Veendam in the Big Apple

During our (my wife and I) recent journey to Florida, Bahamas and New York, I saw the Veendam coming in to New York on Sunday, April 29th, at 7:30 a.m. With the sun to my back I was able to take a series of wonderful photographs.

With kind regards from a cold Rotterdam,

Bert Lamers

Veendam in New York City.

Veendam in New York City.

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  • Hal Hoffman

    There is no other Harbor in the World like New York Harbor! I live in NY on Long Island for 52 of my 62 years, but never had views like we had on the Veendam last August (and will have again on June 10th, 2012) As you back out into the Hudson River, very near to the spot that that miracle plane that landed with all hands safe after being struck by a flock of birds, you get a sense of just how big the Hudson really is. Just a few slips south of our pier sits the majestic “Intrepid” air and space museam, and you could see every plane clearly. Continue south past Wall street, “Ground Zero”, Battery park, the Staten Island ferry terminal, Govenor’s and Ellis Island, and who could not be moved by “Lady Liberty” facing seaward, welcoming “Your Tired, your Poor, your Huddled Masses yearning to be Free”. Past Brooklyn heights, were George Washington barely escaped the British after losing the Battle of Long Island. A brief look toward Coney Island after passing under the Varrazano Narrow bridge, one of the longest spans in the World. It is amazing how fast land slips out of sight, and it is you, your ship, and the mighty Atlantic all the way to Bermuda. I did not get to see Hamilton Harbor coming in, as the Veendam was still stopping and tendering in to St. George. So I got off and rented a scooter, and met the Ship later in Hamilton. This time thankfully, The ship goes directly to Hamilton, and you can access St. George, or any other part of the islands (22 islands in all) by Ferry, bus or Taxi (get a transportation pass just down the street by the “Bird Cage” just as anyone, but it is hard to miss)
    We were truely amazed at the Veendam and how she handled the sea. She carved the waves beautifully! We were a bit worried because we were located practically IN the Bow of the ship, but we slept like babies!! And once in Hamilton, you dock right at the center of the action! Bermuda is behind the times when it comes to the handicapped, and I am currently working with the Government via the Bermuda Department of tourism, to adjust their policy of how people on scooters and wheelchairs can leave the ship, currently, unless you want to negotiate 2 one hundred foot long switch back ramps, set at about a 40 degree angle, they only will open the street level gate twice per day, at 10:30 am and 1:30PM. So the physically challanged are prisoners, looking through the fence, front street mere steps away, and the only way to get there are those blasted ramps! I have been in constant contact with the head of Bermuda Tourism, and he has assured me that when we get there on June 12th, the situation will be completely different, we’ll let you know.
    As for the fit, the ramps are not a big deal, and you can enjoy Bermuda from the first minute you leave the ship! There are shops and restaurants just yards from the ship! Take a Handsome horse drawn Taxi ride around Hamilton, just watch the traffic from 7am to 9:30am and 3:30PM to 6:00pm. These times are when the normally happy and friendly Bermudians seem to go from “Jekyl to Hyde!!” and all drive like Roman Taxi drivers!!!!!! (LOL) This is mainly in and around Hamilton. We prefer traveling by either the ferry system, or moped, which you can actually bring aboard the larger ferries that go to the Royal Naval Dock Yard (the other Cruise port) or St. George, who used to have ships come right in, but because of how fast the Coral grows, and what they call the “CUT” is so narrow, and has become too dangerous to move an even small Cruise ship through, they were tendering in for a while, but it was just not worth the problems, more times than not, it was too rough, and they had to skip it and go straight to Hamilton, so now that is what they do! I will let you know of any changes when we get back for our 45th trip to Bermuda!!!

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