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Le Musee de la Civilisation in Quebec

Le Musee de la Civilisation was the most interactive and creative museum I have ever been to. It beats the Nobel Museum in Oslo, Norway, which was quite technologically interactive as well!

There are 12 exhibits, and most of them are very interactive and teach so much. My favorite was “Urbanopolis.” This exhibit depicted the major challenges of the 21st century with more people living in cities than in suburbs, the country, etc. Many solutions were explored to solve overcrowding in terms of housing — check out one in particular called Arcosanti.

My other favorite exhibit was “The People of Quebec … Then and Now.” It depicts the history of Quebec from New France to today. The exhibit illustrates the relations with the Amerindians when the French arrived, the successes and failures of colonization and much more.

No pictures could be taken inside the exhibits, only in the main hall and outside the building.

The Musee de la Civilisation is across the street from the pier where Eurodam is docked.

The museum is known for its innovative and daring architecture, and it defines itself as a seat of knowledge and ideas, a museum endowed with valuable collections, an education center and a living memory.

“The Visionaires Garden” by Franco Dragone. This new project was created by Dragone and developed with Québec City artists using water, light and plants as installation materials to create a gathering place for visitors.

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