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Captain’s Log: T-Shirt Anyone?

Do you ever wonder if there is a t-shirt factory somewhere in Alaska, inland maybe, to supply all tourists with the requisite garb? The answer to that question leads to the next one. What about the rest of peoples’ needs?

Pretty much everything that is sold in Alaska is brought in on barges. From t-shirts to double-wide trailers, anything you can think of, it all goes on the barge that is then towed from the lower 48. Below is one of these workhorses, the Ocean Ranger. Almost every week we see her somewhere as she makes her rounds to all the different towns and settlements.


Please note the gap between the containers loaded on the front and back of the barge. This is to allow a big forklift to drive on the barge and start unloading.

Now make a guess on how many containers hold t-shirts?

Its always good to look around and this morning just after picking up the pilots, we noticed a funky mountaintop in the distance. It seemed to support the clouds. The pilot told me the peak is named the Devils Thumb and that it has been climbed by some of the top climbers in the world. We found the peak on our charts and it was 60 miles away right on the border with Canada. So visibility was pretty good this morning.


Follow this link for some more information.

Best Regards,
Captain Werner Timmers
Master ms Zuiderdam

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