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Zuiderdam Donates Towels to Sloth Sanctuary


Mario Latief received a Sloth Sanctuary Donation Certificate as a thank you for providing old towels to the sloths for sleeping shelters.

Chief Housekeeper Mario Latief was asked by the shore excursions team if he by any chance would have old and unusable towels that could be donated to the Sloth Sanctuary near Puerto Limon, Costa Rica. The shore excursion manager had been on this tour and acknowledged the need for old towels for the sloths. The sloths pile the pieces of towels up and crawl underneath them for shelter and sleeping purposes, as the towels are nice and soft.

Mario enthusiastically went to work and collected several boxes of old towels. Since the sanctuary was so pleased with the response, they invited Mario and a couple of his housekeeping staff to come out and see the cute little sloths.

As a thank you for the hard work and help from the front office for sending so many guests to the Sloth Center, the owners invited some of them as well. My son, Thijs, would be intrigued by the soft animals, so he came along too.



Stan Kuppens is hotel manager aboard Zuiderdam.

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