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Win a Holland America Line Cruise in the Sparkling Ice Mystery Flavor Sweeps

Want to win a Holland America Line cruise? Sparkling Ice is running a new limited-edition Mystery Flavor and social media sweepstakes, What the Flavor, and it gives fans the chance to win a Holland America Line Caribbean cruise for two with roundtrip airfare! The cruise is in addition to 500 other pool-themed prizes. The new flavor is inspired by the scents and flavors of an exotic tropical getaway.

Wrapped in distinct blue packaging with tropical leaf accents and a signature toucan, the limited-edition Mystery Flavor offers a clear carbonated beverage balanced with just the right amount of fizz. Similar to the core Sparkling Ice portfolio, Mystery Flavor is a zero calorie, zero sugar beverage made with antioxidants and vitamins. Sparkling Ice Mystery Flavor will be available in retailers nationwide through the end of July 2019.

To participate in the What the Flavor sweepstakes, consumers must enter their Mystery Flavor guesses for a chance to win over 500 unique prizes on or through Instagram and Twitter using the dedicated hashtag #WhatTheFlavorSweeps. The contest will be live through July 31 and all fans who guess the flavor via the instructions above will be entered for a chance to win. Participants are encouraged to enter once a day to maximize their chances of winning.

Once you try the Mystery Flavor, come back to Holland America Blog and share your guess in the comments below!

  • Susan Cusenza

    Peach Paradise

  • Susan Cusenza

    Peach Green Tea

  • Chelsea dominski


  • Sheila moten

    White peach tea white grape

  • James Ryan

    i Do Drink One Bottle Every Day For Lunch Because i Do Actually Enjoy All The Flavors And The Flavor i Enjoy The Most, Definitely is Lemonade. And i Am interested in What i Have Been Trying To Do in The Last Two Months is To Simply Win A Gift, That’s All Thank You.

  • Susan Cusenza

    Peach Tea

  • Susan Cusenza

    Peachy Green Tea

  • Susan Cusenza

    Paradise Tea

  • Susan Cusenza

    Sparkling Peach

  • Susan Cusenza

    Mystery Peach

  • Paulette Cook

    Peppy fruity treat!
    It was refreshing!

  • Paulette Cook

    My drink was a perky passionate pick me up-
    It was refreshing!

  • Kingsley Amah

    …it taste like Blue berries with a touch of peach

  • Wayne Chappelle

    Tastes like Peach Mango

  • Noel Reitz

    Peach green tea

  • Noel Reitz

    Tastes like a peachy green tea I would drink at sea!

  • Randolph Charon

    Tropical peach green tea

  • Randolph Charon

    Everything peachy green

  • Sylvia Bengisoy

    Concord grape

  • Robert whitmire

    Peach and greentea

  • Kimberly Clark

    Tastes like sparkling peach. Very refreshing

  • Diane Clark

    Green apple

  • Mariah Garcia

    White grape, passion fruit

  • Elaine Howell


  • Elaine Howell

    Taste like the Hawaiian Islands

  • Elisabete Vasques

    Piña colada is my guess??

  • Richard

    Peach kiwi

  • Kyle C

    The flavor is Guava

  • Kyle C


  • Shirley Brewer

    Love the mystery flavor. Very refreshing. The only thing I can think of is, that it might be a lime a bit of a tang ..maybe a pear/lime. I love pears and if that isn’t it you might consider something with a pear flavor to it. I like all of your flavors and will be anxious to find out that the mystery flavor is, if I’m wrong. When it gets converted to a new drink on the market I hope you will let us know what the flavor is and the name you go with, so I can purchase this. I’m writing from Indianapolis Indiana. Thank you.

  • Shirley Brewer

    The flavor is lime/pear.

  • Julie

    Hi Shirley, we revealed on the blog that it was Mango Guava! DELICIOUS! But pear/lime is a great guess.

  • Brandon Renner

    Passion fruit with mango fruit punch!



  • nancy

    passion fruit punch

  • nancy

    mango guava

  • Gale

    Tastes like peach mango watermelon.


    We use them every day with Vodka it’s the best..
    Green grapes

  • Barry Evans

    Peach green tea

  • Shaneka McNeil

    Mango green tea

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