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What’s a Yummer?

We received this note and photos from Cruise Critic maven Lisa Laffin.

Greetings, I am a frequent cruiser on HAL with 140 days, and have cruised on the ms Oosterdam eight times. I would like to tell you about our most recent cruise on the Oosterdam and how special it was.

It was the return of about 40-plus people that met on Cruise Our group is called the Yum Yum Man Worshippers. Our first cruise together was in February 2008. This past week, February 14-21, we had the Yum Yum Man II cruise.

This group of fun people likes to honor one of HAL’s Yum Yum Men each year. In 2008 it was Rahmat, and this year it was Erwin. Of course, Erwin was entertaining our table every evening at dinner and we had a blast, as well as I am sure did he too.

The other thing I would like to explain that was special was the unveiling of the new Cruise Critic Wave Banner. I will explain a bit about this.

Back in January 2005 I discovered that by using a webcam in San Diego I could zoom into the bow and the verandah decks overlooking the bow and see the people pretty good. So I started asking for people on the Roll Calls on Cruise Critics if they would like to wave at the Web Cam. It caught on quickly and soon every week a group of people that met on the Cruise Critic Roll Call would meet at 3 p.m. They contact me in advance and we exchange cell phone numbers so that when I see them out on Deck 5 overlooking the bow. I tell them to wave and I then capture the photo.

A webcam photo.

In 2007 one of the Cruise Critic members volunteered to make a banner to wave that could be signed by all the wavers and kept in the hotel manager’s office. I have continued to capture 3 p.m. “Web Cam Waves” every Saturday from the Oosterdam with an occasional Web Cam Wave from the bows of other ships such as Ryndam, Zaandam and even such ships like the Westerdam when they make their stops while they are repositioning.

On February 14th the Yummers (which is short for Yum Yum Man Worshippers) unveiled a brand-new larger waterproof banner that was made possible by donations from many that have sailed on the Oosterdam and are members of the Cruise Critic Holland America Chat Board.

From left: Sherlyn Jones, Marcella Himmelreich and Lisa Laffin. Sher and Lisa worked together to make the new banner possible.

Zelda Schumer, Christine Metzger, Erwin the Yum Yum Man and Lisa Laffin.

We also wanted to thank all those that made a donation to the banner so this is what is printed in the back of the new banner and all those sailing on the Oosterdam in the future can sign the banner.

This picture was taken from the bow of everyone waving at the webcam.

Our door signs.

We also had a meet and greet in the Crow’s Nest on Sunday where everyone got to once again meet Marcella as well as the captain of the Oosterdam, Arjen van der Loo.

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