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Sinterklaas Surprises Eurodam’s Crew

The Eurodam must have some pretty amazing crew and Sinterklaas must have some great “deckies” on board his steamship! Before arriving in The Netherlands for December the Fifth, Sinterklaas and his two Zwarte Piets made a detour to the Caribbean to visit the Eurodam!

It was a shock to everybody! As our crew were sitting in the Officers Bar on what we thought was just another set back night at sea, we were surprised when Sinterklaas and his two helpers walked in. They came bearing traditional candies and gifts in all different shapes, sizes and … even lights. Sinterklaas pulled up a chair, and what a sight to see a Dutch Sinterklaas surrounded by the Eurodam’s Irish-themed Officer’s Bar.

The chief engineer perched in Sinterklaas’ lap.

Sinterklaas called each crewmember up one by one to sit on his lap while his two helpers handed them a gift. Each gift was accompanied by a poem, and Sinterklaas seemed to know even the tiniest details about everybody! Even Chief Engineer Frank De Vries took a turn sitting on Sinterklaas’s lap to receive a gift. It was quite the celebration, as everybody laughed and sang traditional Sinterklaas songs and feasted on candies and snacks. It was a great way for all of us to spend some time together.

Sinterklaas and his two Zwarte Piets only stayed on board for a few hours, as the three of them boarded their steamship in super-pursuit mode later that night to make it back to Europe in time for the December the Fifth celebrations.

Thank you Sinterklaas!!!

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