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On Safari with Jayne

Future Cruise Consultant Jayne Colella sent us more amazing photos and stories from her travels through Africa, most recently on a South African safari. Jayne will join Noordam in Rome October 6.


Hello again! It’s been a week and a bit since climbing Kili in Tanzania , and after that strenuous trek straight uphill for seven days, we’ve now toned it down a bit to relax. We rented an amazing self-catering guest house out in the bush in South Africa where giraffes and warthogs walk right up to your back deck. It’s near a small town called Hoedspruit (pronounced who-d-sprite), known for their amazing game drive safaris.

We started out one morning with a lion walk, where we literally do just that, which gave us the chance to get up close and personal with these beautiful creatures. We also went over to the famous Kruger Park , on the eastern side of SA, and were fortunate enough to see the “Big 5” in just a couple of hours: lions, water buffalo, leopard, rhino and elephant — all in the wild! They are called the “Big 5” because they are the most dangerous animals to hunt on foot. No fences, no guides, just us driving around in an open-air Landrover only a few feet away from them! Wow – it was amazing!


We visited Jesse the Hippo, and apparently she is famous! Maybe you saw her on TV with Oprah or on the View. Jesse the hippo wandered into this guy’s backyard as a baby and he adopted her and raised her as his own child. He fed her, cared for her, even lets her wander up to his house and she sleeps on their verandah on a mattress and she gets frequent back massages from him. National Geographic offered him big money to record her first birth, but he turned it down and set up his own cameras and we can watch it on a live internet feed! Anyways, she was tame, loves dog food and LOVES tea. We had the opportunity to feed her and KISS HER!

The pictures don’t even do them all justice. It was an experience I”ll remember in my mind what beautiful, graceful and DANGEROUS creatures God created! I don’t think I can ever step foot in a zoo again after this! As you view the pictures below you will see what I mean.








Jayne Collela is a future cruise consultant for Holland America Line.

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  • SueKautter

    Jayne, This is Sue in the PCC department
    I love these pictures, you are amazing! I look forward to living out there in the world through your travels and amazing adventures.
    Thanks so much for sharing. Until later………Sue

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