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Introducing ms Koningsdam! Name of New Pinnacle Class Ship Revealed

Holland America Line revealed the name of its new 99,500-ton cruise ship slated for delivery in February 2016 will be ms Koningsdam (pronounced with a long ō sound, as in cone, KOH-ningsdam). While the name pays homage to the company’s rich heritage and deep roots in the Netherlands, it also reflects a new era with a bold name that is an original in Holland America Line’s 141-year history. The 2,650-passenger ship is an evolution in design for the line — a new Pinnacle Class — and is being built at Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri’s Marghera shipyard.

Since 1883 every Holland America passenger vessel has borne the “dam” suffix, and ms Koningsdam carries on that tradition. The word koning means “king” in Dutch, and the name celebrates the majestic new ship. The name also pays honor to His Majesty King Willem-Alexander, the first king of the Netherlands in over a century.

Holland America Line has a long, proud history with the Netherlands. All 15 premium cruise ships fly the Dutch flag as they sail throughout the world, to more than 400 ports of call. The historic greatness of the line’s Dutch heritage is shared with nearly one million guests each year. And the line has many Dutch employees, including most of the fleet’s captains and officers.

Many of Holland America Line’s ships have been christened by members of the Dutch Royal Family over the past 75 years. Most recently, ms Nieuw Amsterdam was christened by Her Royal Highness Princess Máxima in 2010. And in 2008 ms Eurodam was christened by Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

“In choosing the name Koningsdam, we are honoring our rich Dutch heritage while reflecting that we’re entering a new era as a company,” said Stein Kruse, chief executive officer of the Holland America Group. “This new Pinnacle Class ship will be our largest, most contemporary vessel, and it was only fitting to give it a name that embodies great achievement for the future, while embracing timeless tradition.”

Holland America Line was founded in the Netherlands in 1873 as the Netherlands-American Steamship Company headquartered in Rotterdam. The original headquarters building still stands today as the Hotel New York on the Wilhelmina Pier, with the company’s European headquarters located nearby.

New design for a new flagship
When it debuts in February 2016, ms Koningsdam will be a new type of ship for Holland America Line. At 99,500 gross tons and carrying 2,650 guests and 1,025 crew members, the vessel is the largest ever built for the company. The increased size provides more opportunities to add new public spaces and venues, and several innovative features will debut on ms Koningsdam. Familiar spaces and amenities currently featured across the Holland America Line fleet will also be found on the new ship.

To bring a fresh vision to ms Koningsdam, Holland America Line tapped Adam D. Tihany, one of the world’s pre-eminent hospitality designers. Tihany joins distinguished maritime designer and architect Bjorn Storbraaten who worked with Holland America Line on ms Nieuw Amsterdam and ms Eurodam. The two firms will create a modern and contemporary ambiance while incorporating Holland America Line’s classic hallmarks.

To get you more excited about the new ship, here are a few more photos from the recent Keel Laying ceremony that signaled the official beginning of construction of the ship.


Will you be sailing on ms Koningsdam? Tell us below if you’re planning on booking a cruise on the new flagship!

  • Barry Shelton

    Our family would love to be part of a maiden voyage. Do keep us all informed

  • Nancy Webster

    We would love to know the itineraries for this beautiful new ship. We will celebrate our 30th
    anniversary in 2016 and can’t imagine a better way to make it memorable than on a HAL cruise!
    Please keep us informed. Nancy and Joe Webster

  • Annette Ferrouge-Gaddis

    We too like the Statendam Class ships & have sailed them more than once, also the Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Zaandam. Still have to do the Volendam. With the larger ships you do not seem to get to know anyone much. On the cruise we just finished (other line) we had to walk so far to everything (we ARE getting older). It felt as if there were areas of the ship you only saw once and did not have a chance to visit again (distance). We did meet several British, Australian and New Zealand guests in the “rest areas” as I call it, that was fun. On the Noordam and Westerdam the feeling was “almost too big, but just so”. Hope HAL will not do away with the “older ships” too soon as we still like to sail them. Because of the NAME we will be sure to sail on the Koningsdam. Will keep an eye out for her sailing dates & destinations. PS My husband and I thought the prior “old” Westerdam was so beautiful. I took my sister on a cruise so she could enjoy the ship also. We were sad to see her go but I got my sister and her family hooked on cruising HAL.

  • rejean brunet

    we will be on board for shure Reggie ad Helen

  • James Olah

    From its pictures it looks to be one of the finest ship built.

  • Allan Partlow

    To big.You are becoming Carnivil, under the HAL name. Mega ships are not enjoyable. Too bad you are selling the Ryndam. You won’t see me on this monster.

  • Tom Legocki

    Let us know when and where. Our bags are packed.

  • Michael and Linda Lewis

    Can’t remember if I commented but we had a chance to sail the Nieuw Amsterdam on her inaugural voyage but could not make it since I was still gainfully employed. However we are now enjoying retirement and cruising with HAL so we would be thrilled to have another opportunity, please keep us informed of her progress and probable itineraries.

  • Susan

    I love Holland America and have been on 34 cruises with the line. I just hate to see them go to the mega size ships when the size of their ships has always been a Major Plus.

  • Jacques Thibault

    We have already started to make plans with several friends and business partners. Please keep us appraised as this is one event we do not intend to miss!

  • John C. McLaughlin

    Please place us on the Maiden Voyage list.
    Thank you.

  • Mr. Mrs. T. E. Stuyt

    We would love to be part of the maiden voyage, let us know when and where.

  • Natalie Thelen

    I certainly be interested in receiving info of cruises on this new ship.

  • Hendrik Woldhuis

    Mijn vrouw en ik zijn zéér geïnteresseerd om de” maiden trip” van het m.s. KONINGSDAM
    mee te maken.
    Gelieve ons op de hoogte te houden van deze gebeurtenis.

  • Louise

    Not sure we will try the bigger ship, we sail with HAL for the smaller venue, but good luck with it.

  • Henry Herbst

    My wife and I have always enjoyed our cruises on Holland America. We would definitely be interested in sailing on the maiden voyage of this beautiful new ship. Holland America is the epitome of cruising — wonderful friendly and professional.

  • Robert Badger

    We welcome a new ship to the line, but at the same time regret the movement of HAL away from the intimacy of medium to smaller size ships. As three star Mariners, my wife are not looking for a sea-going resort. We choose a cruise for the ports of call, the lack of sea days, and the size of the passenger complement. We look for smaller ships because of their ability to access smaller ports, that aren’t crowded with many other cruise ships and new adventures rather than tourist shopping areas.

    This being said HAL is our favorite line for service, and a memorable travel experience: long live the Prinsendam!

    Bob and Linda Badger

  • Carol Withtow

    Looking forward to the new ship. Can’t wait to see where this ship will be cruising to!

  • Ann Pearce

    I love that HAL is moving forward but PLEASE don’t go too far with the big ships. Being on a big ship is like going to the mall…not at all like the wonderful experience on the smaller ships of HAL. My first cruise was on the SS Rotterdam in 1983 and was lucky enough to cruise on her several times and met many wonderful people who loved being on her and being at sea on a “real” ship. Also in the 80’s and 90’s the N. Amsterdam, Noordam, and Statendam..perfect size and design of these ships. On these bigger ships you don’t even know you are at sea. I love HAL and will always cruise with the “dam” ships!!

  • Robert & Marynn Faust

    We have made a request with our HAL cruise consultant too join you for the maiden voyage. We are really looking forward to that sailing.

  • Robert & Marynn Faust

    We have spoken to our HAL consultant about sailing on the beautiful new ship’s maiden voyage and are looking forward to getting the itinerary.
    Bob & Maryann Faust

  • roberta balser

    We want to sail on the new ship’s maiden voyage. Valerie has our request. We will be looking forward to booking and sailing on the Koningsdam.

  • Joan Baker

    My husband and I only travel with Holland America and look forward to your new ship and its maiden voyage please allow us to join your maiden voyage.

  • Hendrik Terpstra

    We zijn heel benieuwd naar de Koningsdam en hopen de maiden voyage mee te maken.

  • sophia andras

    Do you have the itinerary ? We are ready to book. We love HAL, we have been sailing with HAL many times and more to come.

  • Blanche Glazier, NP-C, MSN

    We do not travel with other cruise lines because of the sizes of the ships. We enjoy the small intimate family atmosphere of the Ryndam, Staatendam and Zaandam, where the staff all know our name, and treat us like family. We chose not to go on the larger ships because they are too difficult for an older couple to navigate, and stand in line to for shore excursions. Please consider keeping the smaller ships in the fleet. It is a major advantage over the other cruise lines.

  • Marcia VanWagner

    HAL has been the only line we have sailed for 20 years on the lovely small ships. We tried a large ship, but did not enjoy the experience. The small ships have an elegance, paired with service and a special cruise style that evokes an almost forgotten way of relaxing and learning about our world. We will not be looking to book a HAL cruise on the larger ships. Too many people, too much noise, too far to go. We will stay with the older, smaller Dam ships.

  • Rich Miller

    As loyal 4 Star Mariners we are sad to see Holland America launch such a large ship. We have by chance cruised the most on the Rotterdam and thought it the maximum ideal size. We hope the plan to upgrade the smallest Princess ships to HA standards comes to pass. Just finished our first cruise on the Princendam, what a little jewel.

  • Linda Leidel

    My friend, Mandy and I have now been on 2 HAL ships in the past year, and we are
    waiting for the new one in 2016….Can’t wait to take the maiden voyage. When you can, please post pictures of the new ship. Would love to watch it’s development.

  • Joanne Latham

    I’m sure it will be beautiful, however big is not always better. I hope Holland America will always include in its fleet the smaller, intimate ships that so many cruisers prefer.

  • Marsha Goodwin

    We recently completed our first HAL cruise on the ms Statendam. Even though she was a bit old and worn (we were told she has been sold to Seabourn), we loved the coziness of the small ship. We are looking forward to our Mediterranean cruise next year on the ms Nieuw Amsterdam. We are NEVER going to book on one of the huge mega floating malls with their crowds of people everywhere.

  • Mary Coppola

    We r staunch HAL cruisers, especially due to the smaller ships’ excellent service & design, restful atmosphere, and efficient embarqing at ports. With the new, larger Koningsdam, HAL will have ships for everyone’s preference. We, however, will stick to the older models–like ourselves!

  • coby renes

    We zien uit naar de Koningsdam en hopen de maiden voyage mee te maken!

  • Harry and carol

    We love cruising on the dam ships always enjoy ed our cruises and had a wonderful time. Please keep us inform regarding the new ship . Would like to be in the maiden voyage.

  • Dave & Mary Coleman

    We also like the smaller ships of HAL. Leave the big high capacity ships to your sister lines Carnival and Princess.


    I will be traveling on the ms Ryndam in december

  • Alexander Pranoto

    We are looking forward the ship’s itineraries and sailing schedule. We are ready to book the maiden voyage.

  • Jan Voshefsky

    I can’t wait to sail on the Koningsdam! Looks like a winner!!

  • Gerry and Helen

    There are still a few dam ships we have not sailed in, but we are looking forward to the Koningsdam.

  • Hans Maters

    We have and always will cruise only on ships of HAL
    Sofar on Noordam in the Med, Zuiderdam to Alaska and on Rijndam to Norway
    We love the ships, the officers and especially the Philipino and Indonesian crew as well as the veranda suites on the Rotterdam and navigation decks and the restaurants on board
    We will not sail on Mega Malls at sea as too many people and no sense of being at sea. Koningsdam design with the extra high forecastle decks does not impress us as we love the Noordam and Rijndam type ships.
    We look forward cruising on the Prinsendam
    We realize HAL must compete with other large ships cruising the Caribbean but please build more midsize ships

  • rob ley

    With all these responses will there be enough room for two more ?



  • Roddy Cannon

    We love the smaller ships and look forward to receiving information on the maiden voyage of the MS Koningsdam! Love those Dam ships!

  • Deanne

    Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us on your new ship.
    We were lucky enough to travel on the Nieuw Amsterdam’s maiden voyage in 2010.
    Totally hooked on the HAL style of travel ,can’t wait for 2016,but in the mean time going to revisit our beautiful Miss Nieuw Amsterdam in July 2015,to see how she is has been since our last visit.
    We are very sorry we tried another cruise line last year,we regretted it from the minute we stepped into the departure hall.There was no comparison and I’m pleased to say we won’t be straying again.

  • Judith Bowen

    I am looking forward to going on the new ship.hopefully the maiden voyage. I was lucky to be on board the maiden voyage of the euro dam. It was fantastic

  • Judith Bowen

    Looking forward to sailing on the new ship. I was lucky enough to go on the maiden voyage of the euro dam. It was fantastic,

  • Jeannine Calluy

    We houden van de kleine schepen van Hal door de intimiteit die dat geeft. Toch zouden we graag ook eens met een nieuw schip varen en de Koningsdam zou dat wel kunnen zijn. Wij kijken vol verwachting uit naar de verdere bouw en hopen dat u erin slaagt om dezelfde sfeer te bewaren als op jullie andere schepen.
    Als haar routes ons bevallen hopen wij, er eens mee te varen.

  • Judy and JC Collins

    Looking forward to learning where she sails on her maiden voyage!!!! Keep us up to date.

  • Irmgard Gienandt

    The Koningsdam is too big for me! I have over 500 sailing days with HAL and always enjoyed
    the Prinsendam as well as the Amsterdam and Rotterdam.
    If you ever get a new ship for the Prinsendam, pls., put my name down already now for the maiden voyage!

  • john Scott

    We are certainly interested in the maiden voyage of the Koningsdam. We are both 3-star mariners & have been on some memorable voyages on the “dam” ships. We have instructed our travel agent to let us know when staterooms can be booked. We would, however like to know the itinerary/length of the maiden voyage/cost structure. We assume that the maiden voyage will take place in the Caribbean/Hawaii/ South Pacific but we would like confirmation on that.Also we would like to know how/if this ship differs from other “dam” ships.

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