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  • Dave Podnar

    We would like to know when we can book a cruise on the new ship?

  • Sri Jacobs

    I like to know when the Inaugural voyage and when?

  • Rich K

    @Dave Podnar: There is a countdown clock for bookings located here:

  • Ruud

    We are ready to book the inaugural cruise. Just 15 days to go. But what will be the first voyage? In februari it’s winter in the Mediterranean so ….. where will she go???

  • John Aguirre

    When can we expect to receive information on dates, places, prices ,etc?

  • Han Helders

    Sorry, but the new HAL ships are getting too big for our preference.
    We preferred the smaller size ships and they are going out of the fleet and will continue to do so.
    New is great, but it has to fit a specific profile. We love the small world traveler Prinsendam, but of course realize that she is getting old for today’s world.
    Is it just impossible to build new at approx 1000 – 1200 pax and keep the high side of medium price point?
    If so, that is too bad, but we understand that the cost per pax/per day by ship is important.
    Han Helders, (Almost) 4 Star Mariner.

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