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Holland America Line Announces Plans for New Ship!

Nieuw Amsterdam under construction in June 2009.

Exciting news, blog fans! It was announced today that Holland America Line will build another ship for delivery in fall 2015.

The 99,000-ton vessel will be built by Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri at their Marghera Yard, near Venice. Fincantieri has built fourteen Holland America Line ships. The new ship will accommodate 2,660 guests in lower berths and will be the first in a new Pinnacle class of vessels.

The Pinnacle class will have exciting new culinary and entertainment venues, will take our premium accommodations to an even higher level and will include many energy savings measures that will enable us to achieve significant fuel efficiencies.

For more information click HERE. And as more details become available, we’ll share them with you!

  • Ted

    First of all, the smaller HA ships like Eurodam & Niew Amsterdam are still very much in play, so nobody has to start moaning if they don’t like larger ships then these. I feel a change is needed. Things are getting stale with all of HAL more recent ships having virtually the exact same layout. The Pinnacle line coming out is only marginally larger then the current ships and a change in design and offerings is definetely a must. If the new ships run on or about 1,000 feet in length, you won’t even notice an extra 600 passengers.

  • Hal

    I agree. HAL will still keep it’s “S” class ships, so it can get into places that none of the “monsters” can go. I just hope they don’t go any bigger for a while! We just this minute got back from a 7 day western Caribbean on the Ryndam. We loved every minute of it! Just a class operation!

  • James A.

    I think HAL is moving in the right direction by going a little larger while staying true to its midsize market. The Pinnacle class will likely see another ship in this class besides the one on order for the scheduled for delivery in Feb 2016. Today, it was announced by Carnival management that the Statendam and Ryndam will be moved to the P&O Australian line in Nov 2015 making room for the new Pinnacle Class ship. I can also envision HAL adding another smaller ship in the Prinsendam class for the itineraries and appeal it offers unless Carnival elects another option, e.g., another cruise line in its stable, for the smaller ships of that size class. However, I hope HAL is selected for any new smaller ship to keep the HAL line broadly attractive.

  • Gavin

    was told by the FCC on the Veendam that the S class are all out ASAP. HAL does not operate as profitably as they want to on them. People will not pay Oceania fares to sail on a vessel that is around 20 years old (and looks it too), so they will do the most profitable thing without alienating most of the current clientele.

  • Frederik Londema

    My wife and I just completed a cruise on the Prinsendam. While it’s certainly an older ship (and shows it), it is still a ship to enjoy. Big enough to have entertainment and other facilities on board, but also small enough to sail to the middel of the harbour, like Hamburg, Gdanks, Stockholm and Copenhagen.
    We will be joining the Prinsendam in november 2015 (need to safe a bit more) on a 25 days cruise from Ft Lauderdale to the Amazone and back.

  • Wim van Alebeek

    Just looking at the developments of HA’s Kingsdam, I think it is wonderful to see the development of another wonderful design of HA. As a Master Mariner (Nedlloyd) fully appreciate the efficiency of HA with the comfort of your well designed facilities. Looking forward to joining this beautiful ship as a passenger!!!

  • Norman Ledwinka

    It’s about time that HAL has woke up to the fact that their ships are outdated. We have sailed on the Noordam several times and also the Maasdam. This S class ship was in deplorable condition wise and stuck in the last “century” for decor and amenities. Their so called 4 star rating is a misnomer and not worth the money spent and has resulted in our moving toOceana and the like. However we would welcome a new mid sized ship as we enjoy and look forward to the extended length of cruises that last over 30 days. We will just have to wait and see if this new ship will make us return to HAL. Speaking of the cruise critisc website on the reviews of HAL especially about the Maasdam by Bad Dog and Cold up north these truly represent the state of affairs with HAL from first hand experience. We cannot believe that the others that laud this ship was on the same ship. Is there another in the third dimension/

  • Henry S.

    I would like to see more technical information (length, breadth, type of propulsion, etc.) and less about the culinary facilities on the new Koningsdam. Had to really search the blog to find the tonnage and passenger capacity of this new ship, but no shortage of articles about the dining facilities. Does HA think the only reason to go on a cruise is for the food? I take issue with the previous posters comments about HA needing to “get with it” and move into the new age of bigger ships. We went on a mega-ship to Iceland and will never go on such a monster again. Walking down the main street on that vessel was like being on Broadway at lunch time in NYC. You can keep your big ships with the rock climbing walls and skating rinks (at 73, we can’t partake of either). We find the existing HA ships (we’re on the Zaandam now, 69000 gr. tons) a perfect size. If a cruiser wants “big” there is no shortage of ships over 140000 tons to choose from. We love the HAL ships, and find them as well kept as needed. We have never been on the Prisendam, which may not be as well-kept. We love cruising but not enough to be away 25 days or longer frm our Florida home. As we leave on most cruises from Miami or Ft. Lauderdale, the air fare bonus on Oceania doesn’t do us much good, and their fares (even without air) are much pricier than HA (how’s about their transfer in Papeete to the airport [10 minutes away] at $239 pp vs a cab at $24 total!). The existing itineraries and pricing on HA ships suit us just fine and we plan to continue travelling with them.

  • Sandra

    Are any HAL ships built to withstand the Atlantic as the Queen Mary 2 does?

  • RuthAnn MacAulay

    Interested In EURODAM ship sailing from San Diego to Vancouver on Apr. 13 to May 3/19.

    Also, what is my status with H.A.? DOB – Dec. 22/42 and phone 604-538-3547.

    Tried to see the Mariner status – but to no avail.

  • Julie

    RuthAnn, we have no booking information at the blog. Please contact your travel agent or reservations: 855-932-1711

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