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HAL Tulip Planting in Seattle

Here’s one more reason to anxiously await the coming of spring.

On Dec. 14, Holland America Line President and CEO Stein Kruse and Executive Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Guest Programs Richard Meadows planted the first of a very special group of tulip bulbs at the entrance to 300 Elliott Ave. The tulip was sourced by the company from master grower Jan Pennings to honor our 140th birthday in April and is exclusive to HAL. Five hundred tulips will be planted at HAL headquarters: 400 at the Elliott Avenue entrance and 100 on the northeast side of the building.

The all-new tulip variety – which features white, fringed petals – was developed with Keukenhof, the world’s largest flower garden located near Lisse, Netherlands. The new tulip will also bloom at Keukenhof this spring. Approximately seven million flower bulbs of 1,600 varieties are planted annually at Keukenhof, which is known as the Garden of Europe. Keukenhof is only open for two months each year, from March 21 through May 20, and attracts more than 800,000 visitors from around the world.

Stein Kruse (left) and Richard Meadows (right).

Stein Kruse (left) and Richard Meadows.

Stein Kruse (left) and Richard Meadows (right).

Stein Kruse (left) and Richard Meadows.

HAL tulip

The HAL tulip.

  • Joan Hopke

    I hope you put a picture on the blog when all the tulips are in bloom in Seattle. They look beautiful in the picture.

  • Eleanor Nelson

    Is there any chance that us Mariners can get some of the bulbs to plant? Would love of have some in a pot for the house and help celebrate the 140th anniversary. Looking forward to the Vovage of the Vikings this summer. Regards, Eleanor Nelson

  • Kristen dukes

    Yes,please let us know where we can buy some HAL bulbs. They look wonderful!! It is a grest idea

  • Julie

    Thank you for your interest in our new tulip. As this is the first season for the planting, the grower initially had only a small number of bulbs available for our use. Given the seasonality of the tulips and the fact they have just been planted, additional bulbs won’t be available until late summer 2013. As much as we would love our guests to plant the tulips, we currently do not have an inventory or way to distribute them. However, we will most likely sell bulb packages on select itineraries that depart from the Netherlands in fall 2013! Stay tuned.

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