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Gus Antorcha Named President of Holland America Line

Holland America Line announced today the appointment of Gustavo (Gus) Antorcha as president of the cruise line. Antorcha joins the company effective immediately from sister brand Carnival Cruise Line, where he has served as chief operating officer.

“We are fortunate to welcome Gus to the Holland America Line team for a new chapter at our brand,” said Stein Kruse, Group CEO, Holland America Group and Carnival UK. “His impressive qualifications, boundless energy and passion for the cruise industry will serve us well as we prepare to resume our global operations in the next several months. These are unprecedented times, and his wisdom and competent judgement will ensure Holland America Line’s long-term success.

“I’ve worked with him often during his time at Carnival Cruise Line and know that he brings extensive experience in many disciplines within the cruise and travel business,” added Kruse. “Gus always demonstrates strategic vision, fiscal awareness and superior leadership with a keen ability to keep his eye on the end result to ensure success.”

Antorcha will lead Holland America Line’s sales and marketing, revenue management, deployment and itinerary planning, public relations, guest services operations and strategic planning. He will report to Kruse.

“When you think of longevity and success among global cruise lines today, Holland America Line is arguably among the top, with a proud history of nearly 150 years,” said Antorcha. “On each ship, the guest experience attracts cruisers back again and again with the best live music at sea, a culinary program that rivals the best land-based restaurants, and engaging talks and activities that seek to deepen each guest’s appreciation of the places they visit.

“I am eager to begin working toward our future with the dedicated and talented people that have been important in establishing the brand’s reputation as the go-to cruise line for cultural immersion,” noted Antorcha. “Likewise, I look forward to collaborating with our travel advisor community to continue supporting them and helping them build their Holland America Line business.”

Most recently, Antorcha was chief operating officer at Carnival Cruise Line where he has worked a combined nine years. He also held positions as executive vice president, guest services, responsible for onboard operations; and senior vice president, guest commerce.

Antorcha first came to Carnival in 2010 from Boston Consulting Group, a global strategy and management consulting firm, where he was a partner and managing director focused on clients in the travel and leisure industries. He graduated magna cum laude with distinction from Duke University and holds an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

  • Janice Wege

    Looking forward to sailing again soon with HAL. Please keep your wonderful itineraries, ships, crews, the same as in the past. I do miss the Crows Nest on the new ships. Also walking around the deck is more difficult on the new ships. But there are so many pluses on them that I will try to overlook these two minuses!

  • Peter Ozelas

    Congratulations Mr. Antorcha, Looking forward to bringing great changes that distinguish Holland America from all others.
    My Plea, understanding wear and tear on the Ships Competitive pricing being some of downfalls of sailing to the Caribbean from NYC or Brooklyn, why not bring a new product convincing me that yes I will pay more for thar. Hoping to see you soon in NYC.

  • Adelheid Zeller

    Wish you lots of succes Gus Antorcha and Good luck 😉 in this wonderful company : HOLLAND AMERICA LINE

  • Janice Williams

    Welcome to Holland America Cruise Lines. We miss the cruise travel and look forward to future time with HAL.
    Tom and Janice

  • Patti Oakes

    Congratulations, and Good Luck.

  • Tom Blanchard

    Congratulations, looking forward to your wisdom and guidance for Holland America. Lead us on!
    Tom & Karen Blanchard

  • George wilson

    Congratulations, on your new posting. We look forward to the new ideas that you bring.

  • Diane Davies

    Congratulations on your new position with HAL. I have sailed over 1200 days and look forward to many more. The Ms Amsterdam officers are the best in the fleet and the high seas.

    Looking forward to our favorite ships resuming their wonderful itineraries soon.

  • IsabelVierk

    Welcome Gus! We hope you get us travel in HAL soon!

  • Peter Mumford

    Congratulations to Gus on his appointment. HAL is a top class cruise line, and we always love being on those “dam” ships. We have been on Westerdam, Oosterdam, and this year Koningsdam. All are superb ships with lovely crew, who are so friendly and willing to help in any way. We have made friends with those crew members working with us as well as the musicians from the B B King bands. A wonderful group of people on all the ships. We are looking forward to our next cruise with HAL, and that first class cultural, musical, and dining experience!!

  • Huguette Turcotte

    Mr. Antorcha,

    Congratulations and welcome to HAL. You are coming in during an exceedingly difficult time, we would like to wish you the absolute best. We are looking forward in travelling again with HAL.

    Best of Luck!

    Maurice, Huguette and Kim Turcotte
    From Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  • Jenny Gonzalez

    Welcome aboard! I would like to make a suggestion to Sr. Antorcha. Don’t ever forget that the staff onboard Holland America’s ship are what makes us loyal customers. The Indonesian, Thai, and Filipino staff members are so welcoming and superior in their attention to detail. They MAKE the shipboard experience. Needless to say, I am aware that there are multiple other nationalities aboard; I am generalizing. Thank you for reading this.
    Hoping to be able to return soon.

  • Thomas Aubrey O'Neill

    Congrats on your latest move… with the best cruise line, Holland America …

    Maybe a new itinerary is in the possibilities… ALL CANADIAN CRUISE … East Coast… Montreal, Quebec City then around Newfoundland (St Anthony, St Johns, Corner Brook) over to Charlottetown, Sydney and then Halifax… reverse also…

  • Jim Sullivan

    Changes HAL has made in the last 20:years or so, have driven us away. It’s flash and dash. Return to where service was a quality was just expected. Torn or frayed table linen, dirty utensils and inadequate service has replace an old standard. Mediocre entertainment is now the bilingual. Rooms that should never be issued to guests where wall paper or wall coverings were ripped. Stained towels, heavily stained carpet was not uncommon in our travels. On a trip we took to Australia the fuel team spilled fuel and that was all we could smell, complaint fell on deaf ears. All crew wants is the automatic tip. Charge the tip, relax the crew and let them focus on the guest. We’ve had crew members walk past us like they smelled manure. They act indifferent and forget the guest is the reason they have a job. Take a trip on Viking, ocean or river. You should strive to emulate them. Service, food and rooms beyond reproach. We are 4 star mariners, so we know HAL and have moved in to Viking.

  • Jeanne Baker

    Welcome aboard we love sailing with Holland America.
    I know you will keep the high quality service that we are used to.

    Hope to be sailing again soon and see all the wonderful crew

    Stay safe and best wishes in your new assignment


  • Leith & Richard Brennan

    Welcome to Holland America, our favorite Cruise Line! We look forward to meeting you.

  • David Heuvelmans

    Please never lose how Holland is so much more unique than Carnival. We pride ourselves on earning special privileges compared to other lines and WE WORKED HARD AT IT. Looking forward to getting on board and hopefully get lucky and meet on one of our ventures.

  • James & Ann Jacobs

    Welcome aboard Gus, hope you can pull & keep it all together in these trying times! Remember, anyone can pilot the ship when the seas are calm! Good luck!

  • Bill Lake

    Best wishes on your new assignment Gus. I hope you maintain HAL as the cruise line we all know and love. Looking forward to next summer for a Baltic cruise my wife and I have booked.

  • Sheila Farrell

    While I understand that many industries were severely impacted by Covid this year, this news saddens me. With no hard feelings towards Mr Antorcha, Carnival does not have a favourable reputation in the cruise community and I fear that bringing their previous COO to HAL signals the beginning of the end of truly enjoyable vacation experience. I say this, not as an industry “expert”, but as a paying customer who has watched HAL slowly move in the direction of other cruise lines over the years and am fearful that I will be forced to chose another company to vacation with.

  • Janice Prezzato

    HAL is basically a good cruise line. Your web site and technology lag significantly. Those of us that love HAL are disappointed by the technology glitches on refunds etc. Going forward HAL needs to be innovative and lead the way, while not losing that traditional cruise vibe.
    Lose the WiFi fees. Increase cultural shore tours, where appropriate by destination.
    Find a way to better communicate to customers. Sending promos and solicitations for new cruises does not make sense when you have yet addressed via email refund delays. Use good business sense. Trust your people.

  • James Mitchell

    Mr. Antorcha,

    Congratulations!. As a 4 star Mariner and long time fan of Holland America I can to wait to watch you make HAL Great again. Please remember who your loyal customers are and continue to serve us well.

  • Marianna Liberatore

    Good luck. Mr. Antorcha will definitely need it. Holland America cruisers are very
    disappointed in the handling of reimbursements. Who should wait 4+ months to
    receive a reimbursement for a cancelled cruise?

  • Lisa


  • Sue Cunningham

    Please please don’t stop having a Catholic daily mass. Can’t wait to get back on board.

  • Arlene

    Congrats hope you have a long happy association with HAL. My husband and I love this cruise line and hope to sail again with them.
    Welcome aboard 🚢🚢🚢🚢
    Arlene and Mark Moore

  • Valerie

    We have been cruising Holland America over 21 years. We have tried other cruise lines and realize that Holland is “a cut above the rest”. Please, please continue with the quality, customer service and programs HA has. Please don’t change. Above all continue to offer daily masses on your cruise lines. Cruising is 95% of our mode of travel. HA handled the pandemic beautifully!!! We have already booked a cruise for the coming months

  • Robert T Gatesh

    Stop tarnishing your brand and payout the refunds that are owed. If you didn’t sail, it isn’t your money, it belongs to the person who gave their money in good faith.
    If you are backlogged, hire some of the unemployed people, train them — it should only take a week or two — and pay back our money.
    I will think long and hard before booking again on your cruise line.

  • Serita Corey Childs

    Let’s hope he will be true to the traditions of Holland America and not turn our wonderful cruises into Carnival Cruises. We have already experienced the creep when Holland joined Carnival. Not good.

  • Elizabeth Sims

    Congratulations on your new position Gus! We love Holland America and can’t wait til it’s safe to cruise again. We managed to get a cruise in right before COVID-19 became a threat. Hopefully the prices won’t have to go up due to the horrible year this has turned out to be, because I need a vacation!!!

  • Mary P Manning

    Gus, My husband, John, and I welcome you to Holland America. We are happy to have cruised multiple times since 2008 and found that we always look forward to the staff, food and excursions. May your multiple jobs at HAL be enjoyed. Sounds like you will be a very busy person who has much to offer!
    Mary Pat Manning

  • Judy

    Congratulations!!! What will be the first cruise you go on? I want to go to Alaska next September and back to the Caribbean in spring!!!

  • Don Nelson

    Welcome aboard Gus! We look forward to your outstanding leadership and vision to move HAL forward as one of the world’s leading cruise lines. As veterans of almost 400 cruise days, we look forward to sailing again in 2021, when we have 3 HAL cruises booked.

  • Duncan

    Welcome to the whole family of Carnival Cruise Line. I enjoyed learning about you and your upcoming promotions, and now new opportunities for the eye’s out for best intentions. If I may ask that you look into the status of gold platinum an Diamond and allow it on all Carnival Cruise companies. Example Holland, Costa, Aida, P&O Cunard, Seabourn, Princess. So I’m a very avid cruiser and wish nothing more than being at sea.
    Look forward to the new and upcoming cruises. (CCL)
    Duncan Nicol II

  • Karen Recher

    I hope you can restore some of the elegance on HAL. The little things like orchids and REAL flowers on the dining tables. A Library instead of a bunch of books. Cooking shows. Some of my ideas.

  • Barbara zion

    I wish him good luck and hope the ships will be able to sail again before 2021 we need to know about the world trip. Will the itinerary change?? Will all those ports open safely? These are questions from customers. Will the ship be ready to sail in January and what changes are made for the virus???

  • Priscilla Eldredge

    Hope you don’t change HAL to be like Carnival at all😁

  • Chris Di Pompeo

    Welcome to the HAL family. A very quick word of advice…listen to your customers or you will end up in charge of empty ships. HAL has a big following of folks what cruise often had have been loyal to the line. Changes made over the past few years may have helped the bottom line, but were not made people happy. We all understand and sympathize with the financial hardship Covid-19 has caused the cruise industry. We are aware managing costs is important. However, quality, and HAL’s amazing crew, are what keeps people coming back. Please keep customer satisfaction at the forefront of your decisions.

    Thank you,

  • Dan Kristovich

    Welcome aboard. May you always have following seas.

  • karen laino giannuzzi

    Congratulations. You have big shoes to fill since Orlando really took HAL to new Heights and in these turbulent times, you will be busy getting us all back onboard safely and back on the high seas. Welcome Aboard

  • Claire walsh

    Welcome aboard. Looking forward to cruising again

  • Michele A Castleberry

    Welcome Mr. Antorcha to our Holland America Family! I look forward to the day when we can all begin sailing on those beautiful “Dam” ships! You sure have your work cut out for you taking on this huge responsibility during this Covid-19 Pandemic. God Bless You! My husband and I have cruised on many, well almost all the cruise lines out there and years ago we took our first HAL cruise on Zuiderdam and we have forever been hooked on the HAL ships, Neptune Suites and all that each ship in the line has to offer. I have even started to collect Holland America Line memorabilia. I am one of your line’s biggest Fans and will be forever! Well, I am 61 years old now so forever I hope will be a long long time of many Holland America cruises each year. Be safe sir and stay well and wish you many many years with us here on Holland America Line.

  • James A. Smith

    We would like to welcome you, Mr. Gustavo Antorcha, to your new position within the CCL corporation and look forward to meeting you on some future cruise, perhaps a Grand Voyage or a World. We wish you every success (your success translates to our success!) in a long, distinguished career as President of HAL.

    My wife and I are avid HAL cruisers and have always appreciated traveling with the ever helpful HAL family. We are eagerly looking forward to when the cruise industry, specifically HAL, will begin anew.

    Again, our Congratulations to you on your recent appointment.

    Jim and Jessica Smith

  • Cheryl Koska

    Our cruises have been canceled twice and we have now booked for May 15, 2021 on the Eurodam, the Alaska Adventure…Does anyone know if Holland America will be sailing by then…Also i have only taken one other cruise in 2003 and still talk about it… Don’t know the Mariner ratings and what they mean.. Could someone please give me the run down on that…thank you
    Cheryl Koska
    Would like very much to know more about the new Holland America president Thank You

  • Chris OConnor

    Congratulations on the promotion. Holland America has been our go to cruise and next year we and 30 of our family and friends are sailing for our 50th anniversary. We have sailed on other lines and do prefer Holland. The best cruise was Panama. The activities were FUN. Forgot the cruise directors name but there was so much to do like a daily olympics, jewelry fashion show with cruise people, games in the casino etc. I do have to admit the last few cruises since then have not been as exciting. Same things. Drawings for prizes, special pricing on jewelry or spa treatments. Sometimes we find ourselves just wondering around the ship looking for something to do. Happy hour at just one bar is impossible. I am sure with these trying times getting back on track will be a chore but offer something new and exciting. People are ready!

  • Elaine Law

    We look forward to sailing again with Holland American in the near future

  • larry c dotson

    Welcome onboard.
    We hope for the continuation and advancement of the finest cruising experience in the cruise industry. (the opinion expressed is solely the biased experiences of the author)

    Much success.

    Larry and Margaret

  • Henk van der Linden

    Hello Mr. Antorcha,

    At first congratulations with your promotion to president of Holland America Line.

    I shall introduce myself, I am Henk van der Linden and a Hal passenger for more than 20 years.
    The last few years I saw the Hal gliding down to a lower level.
    It felt that we, older people, were less welcome on board because of the rejuvenation of the guests.

    I am the controller of a Facebook Holland America Line site with now 4500 members.
    I am only reading positive comments about you on your new position.
    Finally someone with knowledge of business.

    I will wish you according all the members good luck with your new job and hope you will bring back the company on the level where it belongs.


    Henk van der Linden
    Mariner 038459293
    Cell +31 646 080 666

  • Larry c. Dotson

    Welcome onboard.
    We look forward to the continuation and further enhancements to the greatest cruise line sailing the world. (This is solely the very biased opinion of the author).
    We are eager to be sailing once again.

    Larry and Margaret

  • Maureen Meier

    Welcome aboard Gus.
    Look forward to all that you will bring to
    Holland America.
    I have worked 27 seasons as an Agent in FLL.
    Hopefully one day when ever we resume sailing again I hope I will have the pleasure of meeting you

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