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Four Ships to Leave the Holland America Line Fleet in 2020

Holland America Line announced that Amsterdam, Maasdam, Rotterdam and Veendam will be leaving the fleet and transferring to undisclosed buyers. The ships have been sold in pairs, with the S-Class Maasdam and Veendam transferring to one company in August 2020, while the R-Class Amsterdam and Rotterdam will move to another company in fall 2020.

Holland America Line will cancel cruises for the four ships’ deployments, with some select itineraries being assumed by other ships in the fleet. The 2021 Grand World Voyage aboard Amsterdam will be postponed until 2022 and will now sail aboard Zaandam. The Grand Africa Voyage departing Oct. 10, 2021, aboard Rotterdam will also sail aboard Zaandam on the same dates.

“It’s always difficult to see any ship leave the fleet, especially those that have a long and storied history with our company,” said Stein Kruse, chief executive officer of Holland America Group and Carnival UK. “However, Holland America Line has a bright future ahead that includes recent Pinnacle-Class additions, with a third sister ship next year that will continue to maintain our overall capacity in the marketplace.”

“I recognize and appreciate the deep affection our guests have toward our company and the ships in our fleet,” said Gus Antorcha, president of Holland America Line. “While streamlined, our diverse fleet continues to offer exceptional options for cruisers looking for a mid-sized ship experience to destinations all around the world. I look forward to carrying on those beloved shipboard offerings while cultivating new ideas to bring to our guests.”

Maasdam joined the fleet in 1993 as the second of four S-Class ships. Carrying 1,258 guests, it is the fourth Holland America Line ship to bear the Maasdam name. Most recently, the 55,575-ton ship sailed longer South Pacific and Alaska voyages. Veendam, the final S-Class ship, was delivered in 1996. The fourth Holland America Line ship to bear the name Veendam, the 57,092-ton vessel carries 1,350 guests.

The first ship in the R Class, 61,849-ton Rotterdam was introduced in 1997. Carrying 1,404 guests, it is the sixth Holland America Line ship to be named Rotterdam. Amsterdam joined the fleet in 2000 as the final of four R-Class ships. Carrying 1,380 guests, it is the third Holland America Line ship to be named Amsterdam. Most recently, the 62,735-ton ship operated the line’s Grand World Voyage.

Guests with bookings on future sailings of these ships will be notified that these cruises will be cancelled or changed. Along with their travel advisors, guests will receive information if the cruise will operate with a different ship or information and special offers on how to book another Holland America Line cruise when operations resume. Guests who prefer a refund will be accommodated.

Cancelled cruises will include scheduled Canada/New England and Grand Voyages on Amsterdam; Mexico, South Pacific, Australia and Asia itineraries on Maasdam; Caribbean, Europe, Panama Canal, South America and Hawaii sailings on Rotterdam; and Caribbean and Europe itineraries on Veendam.


Amsterdam joined the fleet in 2000 as the final of four R-Class ships. Carrying 1,380 guests, it is the third Holland America Line ship to be named Amsterdam. Most recently, the 62,735-ton ship operated the line’s Grand World Voyage, additional Grand Voyages and Canada/New England itineraries.


Maasdam joined the fleet in 1993 as the second of four S-Class ships. Carrying 1,258 guests, it is the fourth Holland America Line ship to bear the Maasdam name. Most recently, the 55,575-ton ship operated the line’s EXC In-Depth Voyages.


The first ship in the R Class, Rotterdam was introduced in 1997. Carrying 1,404 guests, it is the sixth Holland America Line ship to be named Rotterdam. The 61,849-ton ship has been sailing Panama Canal, Caribbean, Norway, Baltic and British Isles itineraries.

Exterior Veendam leaving San DiegoVeendam - Holland America Line

Veendam, the final S-Class ship, was delivered in 1996. The fourth Holland America Line ship to bear the name Veendam, the vessel carries 1,350 guests. The 57,092-ton ship operated the line’s Caribbean and longer European itineraries, including British Isles, Baltic, Norway and Mediterranean.

  • Sylvia Ensinger

    I hate to see the smaller ships leave. I prefer traveling on them. Love my past experiences.

  • Richard

    We have now had our third cancellation – 2 because of COVID and now a replacement cruise due to the sale of the ships. We’re especially disappointed because the cancelled Canadian cruises included stops in Newfoundland. We will probably have to book on Royal Caribbean, Seabourn or Silverseas if we want to cruise to Newfoundland. It would be great if HA could modify the itineraries for the remaining cruises between Boston and Quebec on the Zaandam to include stops in Newfoundland.

  • Merrily Teasley

    I am sorry for your having to sell some of your wonderful ships. All of us are looking forward to the day when the Coronavirus is behind us. I have really enjoyed my trips with Holland America/

  • Doreen & Peter Waack

    What happens to the crew on those HAL ships that were sold? We loved the Rotterdam & Amsterdam, & Love the excellent crew members even more! We‘ve cruised with 15 members of our family & we’ll never forget the care that the crew, headed by Bambang Chepux Jr. took, taking care of our Granddaughter, Katalena, when she became ill! His prompt reaction made all the difference!—- Best Wishes to all—stay safe, stay healthy—hopefully we’ll meet again!

  • Rondol Cartwright

    I will miss these ships. Wish you the best in the future.

  • Rondol Cartwright

    Looking forward to my next HAL trip.

  • Hans Drescher

    Sorry to see these four ships leave the fleet, but glad to read the Rotterdam and Amsterdam have already been renamed by the new owner. Wishing them good luck.

    Two items we hope for:
    1. Will HAL put another ship(s) on the North Atlantic/New England routes? We had booked for Montreal-Boston for 2020, planned rollover to 2021. Now looking for something for that region.
    2. We are lifelong fans of HAL, proud of the tradition. How soon will there again be a Rotterdam in the fleet?

  • Kenneth Dick

    Know March/April cruise cancellations were often short notice (CLIA voluntary then CDC mandatory). How much advance notice can I expect if late January Asia cruise cancelled?

  • Diane Herman

    We were saddened to learn of our 2nd cruise cancellation. Glad a company is willing to purchase ships during this international mess, sad we have to reschedule. BUT, we will reschedule and we will perservere! HAL is the best and we won’t be trading companies. Can’t wait til we can sail again with HAL.

  • Nancy Faitsch

    If I am afraid to cruise yet, you know you have problems. I will be back as soon ad we get a vaccine! Holland America is my favorite cruise line.

  • John wesp

    Like Richard I also had 3 cruises cancelled

    I would like to like to speak with HAL


    I am beyond 5 star and feel I should be able to speak with management

    Looking forward to their call

    I am a extremely loyal customer

  • Robert Boden

    haben uns schon so gefreut auf ein Wiedesehen auf der Rotterdam im Januar in San Diego. Haben die letzten Jahre alle unsere Kreuzfahrten mit Hal Schiffen gemacht weil uns Hal wirklich überzeugt hat. Dies wäre insgesamt unsere 41. Kreuzfahrt gewesen.

  • Julie

    John, can you please email with your booking number and details. Thank you.

  • Julie

    Our goal is to retain as many shipboard jobs as we can within our company, even during this period of pause and as some ships depart. We also will provide preference to existing crew members for opportunities across other Holland America Group brands as we see natural attrition and growth, with new expedition ships for the Seabourn brand and new capacity with others as well.

  • Julie

    Please email with your booking number and details.

  • Kenneth Dick

    John – I got a similar request on the HAL Facebook page to send my info to I did as requested. Once they got around to responding I was advised that: (1) they’re very busy, lots of requests; (2) saw my FCC request; (3) couldn’t give any info as to when it would be processed; (4) my request was a bother and interfered with their process; and (5) don’t request info again as we won’t respond. Good luck.

  • Julie

    We’re asking for this again because with the increased speed in refunds we want to take a closer look at those who are taking extra long to be sure they get process.

  • Stuart Ryding

    My partner and I have had six cruises cancelled since Covid, and had planned a trip in 2021, just to hear that the ship had been sold. We love HAL but frustration is,setting in. We are not giving up!

  • Tammy Evans

    Well, we had our Icelandic cruise on the Veendam canceled this year because of COVID-19. We had rescheduled this cruise for next year and that one was cancelled as the Veendam is being sold. I’m beginning to think that this cruise will never happen.

  • oskar Kirsten

    sorry to see these storied vessels go elsewhere. I immigrated on Amtersdam II when 9 years old, had my 25th anniversary with both sets of parents and our kids all in one on the Rotterdam , did a 31 day Mediterranean again on the Rotterdam and was about to go on a Canada to New England in the fall for our 50th anniversary. We love HAL for its wonderful service and hospitality. I even learned some Indonesian words. I am curious on options to come.

  • Brenda

    Are the cruises in December to Antartica still going? Seeing that covid is everywhere I cannot see how we would be able to get off the ship anywhere.

  • Marilynn Kadan

    aahh, i wish i had gotten on Rotterdam, for size and the Lanai room style! i had cruise with Prisendam during her last months with HAL. so enjoyed knowing i made the vovage through Norway. bests to all these 4 ships

  • Annette Wadsworth

    Need to know if you will be sailing out of Tampa, Florida in the future. I need to decide whether to take a refund or credit for my cruise that was cancelled.

  • Gary Ewers

    Is the September 27 cruise out of Seattle still on . I get very little information about it and they took my final payment Fri my credit card that was on file?

  • Steve Forbes

    So sorry about the loss of these ships. We fell in love with cruising on the Amsterdam and Maasdam. The other HAL ships are good, but not the same. They will be missed by many loyal HAL cruisers. I realize that HAL / Carnival Corp. is doing what needs to be done. Look forward to the return of cruising.

  • Dianne Cowan

    So sorry you are losing these ships. Thoroughly enjoyed my first ever cruise on maasdam, in feb. my biggest sadness is for your wonderful crew, who I have worried about since covid. I hope they are all safe and well. Most were Filipino. Will they be given jobs on other ships. People complaining should understand the world will never be the same, covid is here for a long time

  • Don MacKinnon

    Very sorry to see HAL selling these ships. All cruise lines are suffering, but does this indicate that HAL is really suffering? One of my favourite cruises was on The Rotterdam, as we had one of the Lenai rooms, with a sliding glass door that allowed us access to the wooden promenade deck. I loved that feature. We are currently scheduled to do a cruise on the Veendam in January, so I guess that is not going to happen. I hope that HAL is not going to follow the other cruise lines with mega ships!

  • Linda

    I wish everyone at HAL good health and hope cruising resumes in time to save the industry. I feel for the kind and hard-working crews whose families relied heavily on their incomes.

    I have enjoyed the small ships and looked forward to a few more long-distance cruises. The loss of 4 of the 6 small ships is huge. I will not cruise on large ships. Please consider adding back to the fleet a couple of ships the size of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Veendam, and configure solo cabins into the guest accommodations. Many potential cruisers are put off by the solo supplement.


    We were booked on our first HAL cruise on Veendam in Feb 21 after many other cruises with competitor lines. Disappointed that I discovered this for myself and had to call my cruise agent to get confirmation. Nothing from HAL or Cruise 118. We understand that covid has caused all in the industry problems but the lack of courtesy information is annoying.


    My two favorite ships are the Rotterdam and the Amsterdam. I am so sad to see them go. I hate the big ships that are like floating cities. I like the smaller ships that are more intimate. I guess I won’t be cruising for a while!!!!

  • Andrea Foisy

    We’ve sailed on Holland America ships for over 20 years. Our very first cruise was on the Statendam in Alaska. We enjoyed the smaller ships very much having sailed with Holland about 30 times earning Bronze and Silver Medallions and 4-Star status. Unfortunately we have seen a large change in Holland America’s direction. The ships capacity is too big, the amenities are too few, and they have basically gotten rid of their great libraries and the BIG seller the PROMENADE with lounges. This was their signature item. Our cruise on their Pinnacle class ship was a HUGE disappointment as we could find NO QUIET PLACE on the ship to lounge in the shade.


    I’ll wait with bated breath to cruise again! When it happens I will be on a Holland America ship!
    Thank you for past delightful cruises.

  • Mandy

    Pity. They were the perfect size and I’ve had many a good time on the Rotterdam and once on the Maasdam. The newer ships unfortunately are too big to my liking.

  • Gerla van Leeuwen

    Very sorry to hear that the smaller HAL ships are leaving.
    We really enjoyed our maiden cruise at the Prinsendam 2017, and appreciated the initimate character / atmosphere.
    Do stay safe & healthy!

  • David Steward

    We have sailed on all these ships and enjoyed every one. Sorry to see that the smaller ships are going, they suited us much better than the larger ones.

  • Bob Thompson

    Unlike others, I prefer the larger ships but except for repositioning cruises I don’t think there will be the longer cruises for a while. Those going to more obscure itineraries may be more unlikely as well. It’s hard for HAL to see there is enough patronage to schedule a particular cruise when there aren’t enough ships in the fleet to be sending one on a cruise that can be booked.



  • Loretta Nelson

    I am thoroughly disappointed that you sold the Maasdam — a ship with fond memories for myself and my husband. We love the smaller, intimate atmosphere of the smaller ships and do not care for the behemoths.

    We LOVE the Lanai decks, and always booked a cabin on that deck — enjoyed taking long walks around the ship, just right outside our ‘back’ door. We have saved the daily activities sheets from the cruises — enjoyed the talks, the classical music concerts each night, our late afternoon cocktails watching the sunsets, etc.

    The Maasdam is a ‘civilized’ ship in every way … Keep Western Civilization alive, Holland America !

    Best Regards, Loretta Nelson

  • jim jenkins

    The new ships are not as elegant, are much more crowded, and the staterooms are smaller. They negate the reasons I want to cruise: relaxation, comfort, and a sense of peace and well-being. I have been on eight Holland America cruises since 1980 but have no desire to sail on the new ones. It seems that they are squeezing more profit by squeezing us in like cattle, just like the airlines. No thanks.

  • Gary Hoselton

    The Rotterdam venturing into Antarctic waters during the 2000 World Cruise was a marvelous adventure. She was the first large ship to do so, since an unloaded U.S. Navy carrier probed that path in the middle 1950’s. We had ice pilots, scientists, and politicians aboard, dramatic weather changes, warm cabins but passageways in the high 50 degrees F, and the result was magnificent. My penguins dinner tee shirt is a treasured memory of another wonderful Holland America cruise on what have become smaller vessels.

  • Pat Ramer

    Hate to see the smaller ships go. We loved the Rotterdam. Trying to wait patiently for the virus to be over so we can safely sail again.

  • Russell Gougeon

    I’m waiting for the next Mexican cruise. Please keep me informed

  • Carl

    HAL never told us our Rotterdam cruise was cancelled. No communication on the refund procedure, no communication whatsoever. Atrocious service, got our money back from our bank. Never book with them again, hope to see them bankrupt soon.

  • Julie

    Hi Carl, we have communicated with all guests if we have the appropriate contact details. If you booked via an agent, perhaps they were contacted? We apologize you didn’t hear regarding the cancellation of your cruise. Please send your details to and we can look into this.

  • Donald Lougheed

    We are slated to the cruise 12 day Holy Land and Ancient Kingdom May 2021 with final payment end of Feb.
    We are concerned if the cruise will be cancelled or not being able to have have private tours prior to our final payment. This cruise only goes once a year!
    We are not getting any information from HA on their cancellation policy other than the insurance policy we bought!
    Question, prior to the end of Feb, will we be informed about private tours and other refunds.

  • J. Tauber

    This is so depressing.. The only reason I sail on Hal, is because they have the smaller 1,400 hundred passenger ships.. In fact, I cancelled my Alaskan cruise this year, even before HAL cancelled it, because they transferred me off the Volendam, into the Zuiderdam… I hate those bigger ships.. I took a 7 day Mexican cruise in 2009, on the Veendam… One of the best cruises I ever had..

  • Julie

    Hi Donald, unfortunately we don’t have specific information pertaining to bookings at the blog. Please contact HAL reservations (855-932-1711) or your travel advisor.

  • Al

    We booked a cruise on Nov. 27 2020 on the Rotterdam for Sept. 26 2021. I can not believe that HAL is taking bookings for a cruise on a ship that it no longer owns.

  • J. Rugen

    I just read of the sale of the MS Veendam, and I am so sorry that Holland America has let this wonderful ship go. There is an intimacy and special quality to the smaller cruise ships that can’t be found on the larger ones. I have such happy memories of the Veendam and its crew: the best cruise I’ve taken, and the benchmark by which I measure all others.

  • Julie

    Hi Al, we have a NEW Rotterdam debuting this summer, July 2021! That is the ship you are booking, not the one that left the fleet.

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