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Four Ships to Leave the Holland America Line Fleet in 2020

Holland America Line announced that Amsterdam, Maasdam, Rotterdam and Veendam will be leaving the fleet and transferring to undisclosed buyers. The ships have been sold in pairs, with the S-Class Maasdam and Veendam transferring to one company in August 2020, while the R-Class Amsterdam and Rotterdam will move to another company in fall 2020.

Holland America Line will cancel cruises for the four ships’ deployments, with some select itineraries being assumed by other ships in the fleet. The 2021 Grand World Voyage aboard Amsterdam will be postponed until 2022 and will now sail aboard Zaandam. The Grand Africa Voyage departing Oct. 10, 2021, aboard Rotterdam will also sail aboard Zaandam on the same dates.

“It’s always difficult to see any ship leave the fleet, especially those that have a long and storied history with our company,” said Stein Kruse, chief executive officer of Holland America Group and Carnival UK. “However, Holland America Line has a bright future ahead that includes recent Pinnacle-Class additions, with a third sister ship next year that will continue to maintain our overall capacity in the marketplace.”

“I recognize and appreciate the deep affection our guests have toward our company and the ships in our fleet,” said Gus Antorcha, president of Holland America Line. “While streamlined, our diverse fleet continues to offer exceptional options for cruisers looking for a mid-sized ship experience to destinations all around the world. I look forward to carrying on those beloved shipboard offerings while cultivating new ideas to bring to our guests.”

Maasdam joined the fleet in 1993 as the second of four S-Class ships. Carrying 1,258 guests, it is the fourth Holland America Line ship to bear the Maasdam name. Most recently, the 55,575-ton ship sailed longer South Pacific and Alaska voyages. Veendam, the final S-Class ship, was delivered in 1996. The fourth Holland America Line ship to bear the name Veendam, the 57,092-ton vessel carries 1,350 guests.

The first ship in the R Class, 61,849-ton Rotterdam was introduced in 1997. Carrying 1,404 guests, it is the sixth Holland America Line ship to be named Rotterdam. Amsterdam joined the fleet in 2000 as the final of four R-Class ships. Carrying 1,380 guests, it is the third Holland America Line ship to be named Amsterdam. Most recently, the 62,735-ton ship operated the line’s Grand World Voyage.

Guests with bookings on future sailings of these ships will be notified that these cruises will be cancelled or changed. Along with their travel advisors, guests will receive information if the cruise will operate with a different ship or information and special offers on how to book another Holland America Line cruise when operations resume. Guests who prefer a refund will be accommodated.

Cancelled cruises will include scheduled Canada/New England and Grand Voyages on Amsterdam; Mexico, South Pacific, Australia and Asia itineraries on Maasdam; Caribbean, Europe, Panama Canal, South America and Hawaii sailings on Rotterdam; and Caribbean and Europe itineraries on Veendam.


Amsterdam joined the fleet in 2000 as the final of four R-Class ships. Carrying 1,380 guests, it is the third Holland America Line ship to be named Amsterdam. Most recently, the 62,735-ton ship operated the line’s Grand World Voyage, additional Grand Voyages and Canada/New England itineraries.


Maasdam joined the fleet in 1993 as the second of four S-Class ships. Carrying 1,258 guests, it is the fourth Holland America Line ship to bear the Maasdam name. Most recently, the 55,575-ton ship operated the line’s EXC In-Depth Voyages.


The first ship in the R Class, Rotterdam was introduced in 1997. Carrying 1,404 guests, it is the sixth Holland America Line ship to be named Rotterdam. The 61,849-ton ship has been sailing Panama Canal, Caribbean, Norway, Baltic and British Isles itineraries.

Exterior Veendam leaving San DiegoVeendam - Holland America Line

Veendam, the final S-Class ship, was delivered in 1996. The fourth Holland America Line ship to bear the name Veendam, the vessel carries 1,350 guests. The 57,092-ton ship operated the line’s Caribbean and longer European itineraries, including British Isles, Baltic, Norway and Mediterranean.

  • Mary Cobb

    Please don’t join the mega ship generation. The reason my husband and I choose HAL is the small ship society, not the alternative.

  • Steven Ayres

    Will be sad to see them go, my wife & I have loved sailing on the smaller ships, but will look forward to what ships come down under now once the virus has been brought under control. Stay safe everyone and happy cruising in 2021.

  • Clifford & Carol Ackerson

    Some years ago we had a wonderful land/sea trip with Holland America from Fairbanks AK to Vancouver. A memorable trip from beginning to end with excellent guides, accomodations, service, food and pampering! The Veendam was quite elegant & comfortable leaving us with beautiful memories of a perfect cruise and trip. It’s a bit sad to think of her leaving the fleet. Many thanks Holland America. We hope to sail again with you.

  • Terry

    I think HAL need to get more imaginative with there naming of ships.

  • Lynn Ellen Myers

    So saddened by this devastating news. As a 5 star Mariner, I am very disappointed in this move. Several years ago, we were told during a Mariner’s reception that Holland America was not going to go the way of the mega-ship. We’ve sailed on the New Amsterdam and find it just too big. We love the size of the Rotterdam and Maasdam and have many sailing days on both of these ships. I hate to have to change my cruise line loyalties at this stage of my life. The Vista class ships are ok, but we even find them a tad too big sometimes.

  • Gregory Neal

    How sad. I’m also surprised that you’re dispensing with the Amsterdam, while retaining the Volendam and the Zaandam. Don’t misunderstand me, the V and Z are both lovely ships and I have more than 100 days on each, but the Amsterdam is younger and in better condition than either … and she’s much more elegant. At least is my opinion.

  • Lawrence & Ruth Sedgwick

    Very sorry to see the R & S class ships go, as all 10 or so of our cruises have been on those ships with no wish to sail on larger vessels. Please consider obtaining/retaining a smaller than Vista class vessel!

  • Cristina Parreno

    What lies ahead of the cruise ship industry?
    When will cruise ship resume with their trips?
    What will happen to the crews that were sent back home?

  • Saskia

    So very sad to see the Rotterdam go ! We had booked the Baltic cruise in May 2020 for the second time .

  • J J Lievisse Adriaanse

    What a sad news. I’ve been on the Rotterdam 9 times and planned for number 10 in 2021. Almost every time she came into her homeport , Rotterdam , I had to go to the pier and just take a look at her. When she left she alway blew her horn when passing the Rotterdam V . It feels like I have to say goodbye to an old friend.
    And the HAL not having a Rotterdam in the fleet is strange. How about correcting the historical error “ Nieuw” Statendam and renaming her ROTTERDAM ?

    I’m glad that the Zaandam and the Volendam remain in the fleet.

  • Ruth Diane LaMarche

    My very first cruise was on the Veendam. It was wonderful – – loved the art on board. I had several more wonderful cruises on Holland America. Because of age, those days are just wonderful memories.

  • Siri Bernstein

    Once my husband and I had cruised aboard the Amsterdam , we only went where she sailed. We felt at home aboard her. The crew had much to do with that as did Capt. Johnathan.

  • Linda

    We are 5 star cruisers and very sad to see these smaller ships leaving the fleet. Being in our mid-70’s these smaller ships are ideal with people who have mobility issues and find it difficult to walk the long distances on the mega ships. Would choose these ships over the bigger ships every time.
    It’s us older cruisers who do the longer itineraries and World cruises.
    What are you giving up next?

  • Marianne De Lange

    Live is not always easy.
    Mine was a joy all the years I have been cruising.
    My favorite without question is ms Amsterdam.
    Sad to hear she is leaving.
    Wish you the best with all the new ships.
    Kind regards, Marianne

  • Perpetua D Sabaldan

    Hope all HAL ships can go on voyage soon!!

  • Mathilde Klootwijk-Morf

    We’ve made several cruises on 3 of the 4 ships, loved them all and are really very sorry they will be sold. Our favourite actually is the Rotterdam, we missed the Norway cruise this year on her because of Corona, then booked the same cruise for 2021 and really regret the same thing will happen again. We cant understand why HAL is selling these beautiful, smaller ships.

  • MaryMyers

    AGAIN? This will be the second time the British Isles/Baltic cruise on the Veendam has been cancelled. I want to cry!

  • Ann Stenson

    An abrupt end to an era of comfort cruising on HAL. The larger ships lack the ambiance of these.

  • Kathleen Staples

    Love your ships, will watch with interest your sailings,. Hope things soon return to normal. X

  • Kathleen Staples


  • Judith Sunderland

    We have long enjoyed cruises on Holland America. We have loved cruising on the smaller ships. Now that pleasure is gone. Our favorite ships were the Princendam, Maasdam, and Amsterdam. All are gone and the prospect of smaller, more comfortable cruising has disappeared. Not happy.

  • carol fay

    Love Holand’s itinerary, best of all cruise companies. Have only been on 2 of them, 1 to Alaska 2 weeks, and the Caribbean 2 week. Love the Dutch Cafe and the food especially the salads at lunch. Will cruise again with them.

  • Jacqueline Kerschbaum

    PLEASE continue the 2000 passenger ships. Let others go huge, your loyal passengers are loyal because of the size, elegance and staff on your ships. Bigger is not better. I have been on other lines in the past, nothing in my price point compares to HAL. Thank you and I look forward to my next cruise in 2021.

  • Joel Heine

    Sad, so very sad! Rotterdam was my favorite Vessel.
    I was also booked on the Veendam in October from Rome to Tampa which was cancelled then I booked the Veendam for 21 day cruise in November now that was cancelled.
    What’s next!!!


    SSSSOOOOOO sad, we loved these ships.

  • Jacqueline Holecek

    This is so sad to hear but understandable in these uncertain and unpredictable times. I’m hoping that my husband and I will still be able to cruise in Europe around the British Isles as we had planned to do aboard the Veendam in 2021. That would have been our first European cruise with HAL

  • Willem Broers

    1959 : My first job on the Nieuw Amsterdam.
    Sailing from Rotterdam to New York.
    HAL still going strong |||||
    Willem Broers Netherlands.

  • Samuel Cook

    Very sad to see these ships leave the HAL Fleet.

    We are 4 star Mariners and have 2 linked trips booked in August and September 2021 , 7 day Inside Passage to get us to Anchorage and then Shore Excursion through Denali and Dawson City and on to Vancouver. For us, we have enjoyed the capacity limitations of the R Class ships. Less crowding, easier on-off ship and less number of people to be with. Our Cruise on the Nieuw Statendam to Scotland, Iceland and Norway, from Amsterdam last summer, was not enjoyable. Ship was nice, but too large and too many people.

    Will new ships be 6000 person capacity? If so, our cruises may be the “Tramp Steamer” through the South Pacific.

  • Katherine Stoops

    We are so disappointed to hear that Holland America has decided to get rid of these wonderful ships. We particularly like the smaller vessels, and have sailed many times on the Veendam and the Maasdam.

  • Ruud Bosua

    Said news but understandable

  • Catherine Cameron

    Sad news. We have sailed many times and especially great trips on the Rotterdam. We love HAL.

  • Barbara J. Spangler

    I feel SO VERY lucky to have been able to have a second MAASDAM trip during my 88 years! The first trip was in 1954, sailing from New Jersey to Rotterdam. The second was in 2018.

  • Wendy Wiersma

    It’s a pity to see them leave! ?
    Great memories last forceer!

  • Wendy Wiersma

    Last forever!

  • Gary Packard

    Getting rid of all the ship’s of the size we like!

  • Marcel Vallieres

    it is a sad day to see these ships leave the company. They were beautiful ships small and comfy. I am sure that HAL cruisers will miss them dearly. I for one will. Bigger is not better, but I understand business is business. We will miss these ships as the Ryndam and the Statendam. We are faithful to HAL and will remain faithful. Hopefully this is going in the right direction.

  • Linda Elenbaas

    We will miss the ships with with ccean view windows in the aft. Also the smaller number of passengers. We just recieved cancellation notice for our cruise booked on the Rotterdam.

  • Bill Jackson

    Has three cruises on the Maasdam in 2018/19.
    Lovely ship, perfect size,great crew. Very sad to see her go.
    Was booked on the Rotterdam fir Norway this April but covid19 got in the way. Never now.

    Please please HAL keep the smaller ships.

  • Graham Mills

    We have sailed on all these fine vessels and retain fond memories of them all, the most recent on the Maasdam from Singapore to Australia. We preferred the smaller ships, finding them more intimate and less frenzied than the larger ones. Holland America is still my favourite cruise line, just hope the changes coming don’t ruin the experience for us. Will the art works on these ships be removed and reused on other HAL ships?

  • Adra Barlow

    Our first Holland America cruise was on the Amsterdam in 2003. As with all the fleet it was an elegant skip and provided the beginning of our experiences with HAL. We were fortunate to complete our most recent cruise to Australia and New Zealand on March 13 this year, the day ports were closing to cruise ship in NZ. Our thoughts are with your outstanding crew as you navigate this unprecedented pause in business. We have sailed on several other competitors ships and none can compare to the quality of the service and experience we have enjoyed with Holland America.

  • Irene Armbruster

    We have been waiting 3 months for a refund of 5000 for airline tickets from an Italian cruise cancelled in May. We rebooked the cruise money itself on an Australia to Singapore in January which has also been cancelled after the sale of the ships. They theN Offered 250 shipboard credit If we sent a further 750 on cruise. We sent this 3 weeks ago. I’m very nervous thst we have sent good money after bad. Now they are offering a 100 percent credit if we rebook. I would feel more confident if we had received our 5000 back from the original cruise airline tickets. Is this yet another stall tactic to keep our money whilst they divest themselves of the rest of the ships. I would love to hear from Holland America. We have made repeated calls to no avail

  • Ken W Brenneman

    Has there been any decisions about what will happen concerning the people who had booked cruises on these ships? A press release or something would cut down on the number of calls to HAL.

  • Doug Perkins

    I have sailed on four Holland American shops, including the Rotterdam. Each cruise was impeccable with great food and excellent service. I never left a cruise without making friends with many of the crew. Next cruise was postponed due to the Coronavirus until November 2021. I am hopeful the virus is no problem and he cruise will proceed as planned.

  • Anne Hill

    Over the years I have had the good fortune to sail on all 4 of these ships.My favorite cruiseline is Holland America.

  • Marilyn Moore

    I love HAL and have cruised with them for approximately 30 years and always recommend them when asked. I just want to say the ever-increasing size of cruise ships (not just HAL) is the one thing that has discouraged me from cruising. As I’ve gotten older, walking from cabin to venue, to lunch, to another venue has become virtually impossible for me. I am so thankful I was able to Cruise on some of the grand older ships (early Maasdam, the Norway, Sitmar line, RoyalPrincess, QE2, etc.). I am still so sorry that I was never able to sail on the Prinsendam.

  • mrs,Richard K.Le

    These were our 4 favorite ships and we loved the Panama Canal Cruise and that the last
    one my husband could take.Every thing was expecinal on the trips. Thanks for lovely
    trips and fun times. Good luck in the future. Helen A.Lee

  • Wayne Wathen

    My wife and I have sailed on 3 of the 4 ships that are leaving the fleet and mostly on the Amsterdam. I truly hope Holland America will take care of those wonderful employees that have spent many years on the retired ships especially the Amsterdam on the world cruises. We will wait and see before booking again and see how you treat these hard working employees.

  • Jan Bosserman

    I hope you will be able to replace theses with some ships of similar size. I have no desire to be on a ship with 2-3 thousand passengers. I am sure I am not alone in this thought. If only large ships are available I guess I will have to try another cruise line.

  • Elaine Clabeaux

    I am not only saddened that my family of six will not be sailing this October to the Sea of Cortez on the Maasdam due to Covid19, but that my favorite ships are being sold.
    We worked hard to get to 4* Mariner status and now there will be no smaller ships to cruise on.
    As we have become older seniors the Maasdam and Veendam had features that were special to us……the ability to have a lanai that allowed us quick access to either side of the ship and easy access to the deck.
    I am very saddened by this decision for Holland to join the ranks of the megaships. The reason I loved the line was due to the smaller ships.
    This has been a very difficult year for everyone.
    I hope that I may once again sail with you.
    We returned from our Asia cruise with you last October having experienced the many changes wrought by the typhoon. I had a challenging time taking tours in Japan,Korea, and China in a rented wheelchair. Upon arrival home I went immediately to the hospital where they determined I had a large pelvic tumor cutting off all blood supply to my right leg. They were successful in placing a stent to restore blood flow to my leg but sadly the mass was malignant. I then went through 28 days of radiation but more bad news when they found it had spread to my lymph nodes. I am now on infusion therapy in hopes to slow down the cancer. I tell you this so you will understand how much I was looking forward the the Maasdam cruise in October to the sea of Cortez along with family members.
    Between cancer and covid life has been quite difficult so I am exceedingly sad that not only is the cruise cancelled but the ship is sold.
    So many sad things this year in addition to stage 4 cancer. I only hope I can sail with you on e more time! Elaine Clabeaux

  • Kathleen K. Hamm

    We love Holland America and are sad that these ships will be leaving the fleet. We look forward to see what Holland America has for us in the future.
    We have never cruise on any other line?

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