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Explore4 Promotion Entices Travelers with Complimentary Beverages, Specialty Dining and Reduced 3rd/4th Fares

Holland America Line’s popular Explore4 promotion is back, making now the ideal time to book a future dream cruise vacation. Explore4 features four enticing offers on more than 600 cruises and Alaska Land+Sea Journeys from holiday 2018 through spring 2020. Travelers looking to plan ahead for next year or beyond can take advantage of all the perks to sip, dine, sail and save. Offers include complimentary beverages and specialty dining, reduced deposits and free or reduced fares for third and fourth guests in a stateroom. Suite bookings also receive onboard spending money.

The Explore4 promotion for guests booking any category stateroom includes a Signature Beverage Package, dinner at the Pinnacle Grill for two, free or reduced cruise fares for third and fourth guests in the same stateroom, and 50 percent reduced deposits. Guests receive all benefits when bookings are made by Nov. 19, 2018.

Suite Travelers Receive Added Perk

A Pinnacle Suite on Koningsdam.

A Pinnacle Suite on Koningsdam.

Guests who book a cruise in a suite category stateroom will receive the four Explore4 offers plus an additional $200 onboard spending money per stateroom ($100 per person).

“Explore4 continues to be one of our most exciting annual promotions because it remains very popular among our guests, and the perks are so enticing they appeal to new Holland America Line cruisers as well,” said Orlando Ashford, president of Holland America Line. “When planning a vacation such as a winter Caribbean getaway, our guests appreciate added values like an inclusive beverage package and specialty dining, as well as exceptional fares. Explore4 gives travelers the confidence to plan their future vacation with us knowing they’re getting some excellent added incentives.”

Beverage, Dining and Other Onboard Amenities Add to Cruise Value
Guests who book any category stateroom receive a Signature Beverage Package that includes wine, beer, spirits, cocktails, sodas and coffee. The beverage offer is only applicable on the cruise portion of Alaska Land+Sea Journeys.


Explore4 offers also include a complimentary dinner at the award-winning Pinnacle Grill, a specialty restaurant on board known for serving delectable Pacific Northwest favorites with the freshest, richest flavors. Featuring a tantalizing menu highlighting steak and seafood dishes like filet mignon and broiled Alaska king salmon, Pinnacle Grill also includes favorites like roasted pumpkin risotto and double-cut Kurobata pork chops.

Pinnacle Grill.

When booking with Explore4, guests get a dinner at the elegant Pinnacle Grill.

With reduced cruise fares on select sailings for friends and kids sharing a stateroom with two other guests, a group of four can take an affordable vacation to the Caribbean or a longer journey to an exotic destination. For example, in the Caribbean, fares for seven-day cruises start from US$949 per person, double occupancy in an interior stateroom, and free or reduced fares apply for the third and fourth guests. A seven-day European cruise starts at US$1,199 per person, double occupancy for an interior stateroom, with free or reduced fares for third and fourth guests. Taxes, fees and port expenses are additional.

By taking advantage of the 50 percent reduced deposit offer, guests will have more flexibility and time before paying the final deposit on their cruise.

Global Itineraries Available with Explore4
Guests looking to take advantage of the Explore4 program can choose select itineraries to nearly all of Holland America Line’s global destinations, including Alaska and Alaska Land+Sea Journeys (Explore4 applies to cruise portion only), Asia, Australia/New Zealand, the Baltic, Bermuda, Canada and New England, the Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, Holiday, the Mediterranean, Mexico, the Panama Canal and South America. Grand Voyages and Grand Voyage segments are excluded.

  • Rod

    The HAL website states that the Explore4 promotion includes a Signature Beverage Package valued at $1,400 per stateroom (based on a 14-day cruise) whereas the email I received from HAL states that for passengers 1 and 2 there is a daily limit of 15 beverages per person and each beverage is up to or equal to US$9. I’m not saying that we are going to have up to 15 beverages per day, but simple mathematics tells me that 15 beverages x $9 each x 14 days = $1,890 for each person or $3,780 per stateroom. As this doesn’t make sense to me I am seeking clarification as to the maximum allowed per stateroom. If the answer is $1,400, what happens if the $1,400 is exceeded? Does the $1,400 also apply to cruises longer than 14 days or does it increase by $100 per day?

  • Julie

    Hi Rod, good catch. We just removed the $1,400 because it’s actually much more than that on a longer cruise. So you would still receive a Signature Beverage Package.

  • Mat Grau

    With the Explore4 promotion, can I upgraded to the Elite Beverage Package and just pay the difference? I am considering the October 31, 2019 transatlantic cruise out of Rome. thanks.

  • Rod

    Hi Julie,

    Just a further point of clarification. HAL’s current terms and conditions for Explore4 does not specifically state whether the Signature Beverage Package applies to each person or the stateroom – what is it? Per my previous comment, the email I received from HAL states that there is a daily limit of 15 beverages per person. Again, I’m not saying that we are going to have up to 15 beverages per day, but I just like to be sure.

  • Larry

    So is the reduced deposit refundable up to the point of final payment?

  • Julie

    Oh, apologies. The Signature Beverage Package includes wines, beers, spirits and cocktails (including non-alcoholic) from the lounges, bars and restaurants, espresso drinks, and sodas. It is per person. The limit is 15 beverages per person, but they aren’t all $9 so you might get a specialty coffee, soda, etc.. (Those are not free onboard.) It’s a great perk!

  • Julie

    Hi Mat, yes you can. Please call reservations for more information on pricing. 1-855-932-1711

  • Julie

    The deposit is refundable per the cruise terms for that particular voyage.

  • Manon

    Just retourned from a Boston-Bermuda cruise with Norwegian. Looking now for a nice Mediterranean cruise where We can relax by the pool without having loud music and crowd of drunk teen-agers eating chicken wings in the pool all day long ????… Maybe Holland America Cruise Line is a good plan for us?

  • Julie

    I think Holland America Line certainly has a Mediterranean cruise for you!

  • Lee-Ann

    Booked on a HAL Noordam Pacific Treasures cruise leaving Sydney 22/12/18. I got given an Ocean View stateroom (for 3 people) at the cost of an obstructed view stateroom I believe which is a difference of all of $69AUD per person . Does this preclude me from the Explore 4 promotion? If so, this really doesn’t make any sense?
    Please could you let me know.
    Thank you

  • Julie

    Hi Lee-Ann, you’ll have to call HAL reservations or your travel agent for confirmed information on this. We don’t have full details at the blog. HAL reservations is 855-932-1711.

  • Tony Edwards

    just my luck I had booked my trip to Asia this November just a week or so before they announced this 🙁

  • Julie

    Please call reservations and see what they can do.

  • Gloria

    Hi Julie, We are planning a voyage on the Rotterdam July 2019. The Signature Beverage Package offer is apparently $9 per glass on this voyage. I presume it is US$ Can you purchase spirit and wine for this price?

  • Julie

    Yes, individual drinks on average range from $7-$9. Beer is less expensive. So you can purchase individual drinks without the package, not a problem.

  • Laurie

    Why aren’t the Explore4 offers available for segments of grand tours like the South America Grand tour on the Volundam? At these prices, it’s the least HAL could do for its loyal cruisers…

  • Julie

    The Grand Voyages are much longer than our typical cruises and often have their own perks.

  • Dana Hill

    Wondering if the is a list(menu) of wine and spirits available on signature beverage pkg. I would like to know before purchasing.

  • Jeff Kime

    My wife and I have a 10 night Southern Caribbean cruise booked for this coming January 2019. We were not told about this explore 4 promotion at the time of booking as we booked several months ago. Will we be able to take advantage of the free Signature drink package and the dining opportunity in the Pinnacle Grill? I’m hoping so! Thanks

  • Julie

    Please contact your travel agent or reservations as soon as possible to inquire about this promotion.

  • Julie

    Apologies for the delay. We do not have a list of wines. Please call ship services, and perhaps they can assist: 800–541–1576

  • Mike Pedneault

    Is the explore 4 only a free package if travel Purchased through HAL directly. We have purchased a Signature Suite package on the Noordam through a travel agent for a 36 day cruise to Vancouver BC leaving Sydney Australia April 7 2019.. We were told that we could ” purchase ” the Explore 4 for an Additional $1080.00 per person for this trip. Sounds a bit rich to me and not much of a promotion.

  • Julie

    You can book Explore4 with your travel agent. There is no cost, it’s included in the applicable fares.

  • B pym

    Can you advise if there is a reduced fare on the maasdam cruise from Perth to Singapore on 6/Jan/19 . I have enquired regarding the trip as I want to take grandsons aged 5 & 7 with us but have been told that the fare was approx $1950 each for the two adults and over $2100 for the children each , does not make sense ? What happen to the explore 4 promotions etc

  • Julie

    Hello! We don’t have access to fares and reservations at the blog. It looks like you are in Australia, and pricing and promotions are different. Please contact your local office for fares.

  • Sandy

    Is this package still available

  • Julie

    Explore4 is no longer available, but we do have Why Not Now?

  • JayP

    Could you help with the explore 4 – we purchased for Veendam May cruise leaving from Venice. For the Signature Beverage package it only shows for guest 1,2 not our kids – I was assuming we were all included in receiving the beverage package? or is it just bcuz they are underage so they will receive a non alcohol package? just making sure, it was always my understanding everyone in the room received the beverage package

  • John engberg

    We have booked 9 days cruise to Cuba and other stops we haven’t heard anything about any beverage package we have a suite

  • Julie

    John, the beverage package is included if you booked with the Explore4 promotion. Otherwise they are available for purchase.

  • Julie

    The Signature Beverage Package is only for the first and second guests in the stateroom. Per the T&C: *Fares and Explore4 offers are based on Promo(s) NX/NP/UU. Featured fares are per person based on double occupancy, cruise or Land+Sea Journeys only. Fares are in US dollars. Taxes, Fees & Port Expenses are additional on all fares and range from $85.00 to $1,285.00. Subject to availability. Offers are per stateroom based on double occupancy, for 1st and 2nd guests sharing a stateroom and excludes 3rd/4th guests, except as provided herein (which is for reduced fares). I apologize for the confusion.

  • Lisa

    When will the Explore 4 deal be coming out for Summer 2020 (July 2020 Europe) cruises?

  • Julie

    We don’t have a schedule of future promotions at this time.

  • Mercedes


    Explore4 promo is now over. We are looking to book a September European cruise. Are there any promos going on right now we can avail?

  • Julie

    Right now we have Why Not Now? Visit for more info!

  • Deonna

    We have an Explore4 package which includes two signature beverage packages. My mother-in-law will be staying in the suite with my husband and me. She only drinks water. Will we have to purchase a drink package for her even though she will not use it. It looks like from what I read that everyone in the room must purchase the package if one person has it.

  • Julie

    Hi Deonna, please contact reservations or your travel agent to discuss this with them, as traditionally all adults in one stateroom must have a package.

  • Lisa

    Hi Julie..When you have the signature beverage package included in the Explore 4 package, can you upgrade to the premium beverage package and just pay the difference?

  • Dawn Gowthorpe

    We booked the Nieuw Amsterdam cruise Vancouver to Alaska and return for September 2019. We booked a verandah stateroom and made the booking at the end of Oct 2018. Are we entitled to the explore4 package automatically

  • Julie

    Hi Dawn, if you made it during the E4 period and your cruise was eligible, you should have it. Please contact HAL reservations or your travel agent to confirm.

  • Margaret Morris

    I recently made two separate bookings for myself plus my daughter and her husband for January 2020 on the Koningsdam. I wasn’t told of any explore4 offers at the time, will they be available to me if there is a future offer for that particular cruise. As a single traveler I am paying a premium for my leg of the trip so it would be nice if ex4 was available.

  • Julie

    Hi Margaret, the promotions are seasonal and not always available. At the time of booking, if there was a promotion you should have been alerted. Please call reservations or your travel agent to discuss future promotions and to see if you qualify.

  • Graham

    I’m thinking of booking an imagine cruising trip which includes a 14 day cruise on Westerdam from Hong Kong during March 2020. The one thing that will convince me to book is the availability of an explore4 drinks package. Can you advise if this is going to be available?

  • Julie

    Hi Graham, Explore4 isn’t going on at the moment, but we are getting ready to launch a new promotion soon. However, you will have to contact the local Australia office to see what’s included. We only have the U.S. offer at the blog.

  • Mat Grau

    Just returned from a great cruise on the Nieuw Statendam. I am considering booking the February 2, 2020, Caribbean cruise on Nieuw Statendam. If I book now and then the Explore 4 promotion becomes available later, will I be able to get the perks of that promotion at that time?

  • Julie

    Mat, we’re not launching Explore4 this year, but another promotion this month. We also have the Early Booking Bonus now. Please call reservations to confirm adjusting your fare if you book first.

  • Julie

    Lisa, I apologize for the delay. I am still waiting for confirmation on this. You can call reservations if you want a quicker answer: 855-932-1711

  • Julie

    Lisa, when you book you can upgrade, but this has to be done onboard and you pay the onboard price difference and 15% BSC as it is done onboard.

  • David Baltman

    Hi Julie,
    We live in Australia. We’re looking at an Alaska Y1C:18 day Yukon and Denali cruise departing in May 2020. I noticed that some of these have an “Early Booking Bonus”. If we book thru our travel agent will we still get the “Early Booking Bonus” or do we have to book direct thru Holland America in Australia?
    Finally I couldn’t find any 18 day Yukon and Denali cruises with the land portion before the cruise portion – only the cruise first option. Do they exist for 2020?

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