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Explore4 Promotion Entices Travelers with Complimentary Beverages, Specialty Dining and Reduced 3rd/4th Fares

Holland America Line’s popular Explore4 promotion is back, making now the ideal time to book a future dream cruise vacation. Explore4 features four enticing offers on more than 600 cruises and Alaska Land+Sea Journeys from holiday 2018 through spring 2020. Travelers looking to plan ahead for next year or beyond can take advantage of all the perks to sip, dine, sail and save. Offers include complimentary beverages and specialty dining, reduced deposits and free or reduced fares for third and fourth guests in a stateroom. Suite bookings also receive onboard spending money.

The Explore4 promotion for guests booking any category stateroom includes a Signature Beverage Package, dinner at the Pinnacle Grill for two, free or reduced cruise fares for third and fourth guests in the same stateroom, and 50 percent reduced deposits. Guests receive all benefits when bookings are made by Nov. 19, 2018.

Suite Travelers Receive Added Perk

A Pinnacle Suite on Koningsdam.

A Pinnacle Suite on Koningsdam.

Guests who book a cruise in a suite category stateroom will receive the four Explore4 offers plus an additional $200 onboard spending money per stateroom ($100 per person).

“Explore4 continues to be one of our most exciting annual promotions because it remains very popular among our guests, and the perks are so enticing they appeal to new Holland America Line cruisers as well,” said Orlando Ashford, president of Holland America Line. “When planning a vacation such as a winter Caribbean getaway, our guests appreciate added values like an inclusive beverage package and specialty dining, as well as exceptional fares. Explore4 gives travelers the confidence to plan their future vacation with us knowing they’re getting some excellent added incentives.”

Beverage, Dining and Other Onboard Amenities Add to Cruise Value
Guests who book any category stateroom receive a Signature Beverage Package that includes wine, beer, spirits, cocktails, sodas and coffee. The beverage offer is only applicable on the cruise portion of Alaska Land+Sea Journeys.


Explore4 offers also include a complimentary dinner at the award-winning Pinnacle Grill, a specialty restaurant on board known for serving delectable Pacific Northwest favorites with the freshest, richest flavors. Featuring a tantalizing menu highlighting steak and seafood dishes like filet mignon and broiled Alaska king salmon, Pinnacle Grill also includes favorites like roasted pumpkin risotto and double-cut Kurobata pork chops.

Pinnacle Grill.

When booking with Explore4, guests get a dinner at the elegant Pinnacle Grill.

With reduced cruise fares on select sailings for friends and kids sharing a stateroom with two other guests, a group of four can take an affordable vacation to the Caribbean or a longer journey to an exotic destination. For example, in the Caribbean, fares for seven-day cruises start from US$949 per person, double occupancy in an interior stateroom, and free or reduced fares apply for the third and fourth guests. A seven-day European cruise starts at US$1,199 per person, double occupancy for an interior stateroom, with free or reduced fares for third and fourth guests. Taxes, fees and port expenses are additional.

By taking advantage of the 50 percent reduced deposit offer, guests will have more flexibility and time before paying the final deposit on their cruise.

Global Itineraries Available with Explore4
Guests looking to take advantage of the Explore4 program can choose select itineraries to nearly all of Holland America Line’s global destinations, including Alaska and Alaska Land+Sea Journeys (Explore4 applies to cruise portion only), Asia, Australia/New Zealand, the Baltic, Bermuda, Canada and New England, the Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, Holiday, the Mediterranean, Mexico, the Panama Canal and South America. Grand Voyages and Grand Voyage segments are excluded.

  • Julie

    Hi David, because you live in Australia you need to book through Australia. Each country has their own promotions. And yes, they do exist with land first. It can be challenging to find on the site. If this link doesn’t take you there, go to “Plan A Cruise”, choose Alaska and Yukon for “sail to”, choose all 2020 dates, choose more than 17 days. Then, click More Filters, Cruise Type, Land First:,price_USD_anonymous%20asc&group.sort=departDate%20asc,price_USD_anonymous%20asc&%7B!tag=destinationTag%7DdestinationIds=A&%7B!tag=embarkTag%7DembarkPortCode=&%7B!tag=departTag%7DdepartDate=2020-04-01T00:00:00Z,2020-09-01T00:00:00Z&%7B!tag=durationTag%7Dduration=17-*&%7B!tag=cruisetypeTag%7DcruiseType=LAND_FIRST&soldOut=false

  • David Baltman

    Hi Julie,

    Thanks for that info.

    A further question – on Cruise Day Credits…

    The Y1 18 day Alaska – Yukon and Triple Denali is made up of 7 days of cruising and 11 day on land. I know that we get 1 cruise day credit for each day of the 7 day cruise resulting in 7 cruise day credits. Is this repeated for the 11 days of the land portion? i.e.. another 11 day cruise credits?


  • Julie

    Hi David, credit will be given for land days on Holland America Line Alaska Land+Sea Journeys, but not for pre- and post-cruise tours and hotel packages in any other destinations.

  • Tonna

    What are the benefits of Explore 4 if only two people will be on the cruise?

  • Julie

    Hi Tonna, Explore4 is no longer on offer. Please check out the deals section for current promotions. However, to just clarify, the first two in the stateroom received a beverage package and specialty dining. Deals:

  • Ingrid Harmon


    My husband and I are joining the Koningsdam K943 on 29 July,2019, is a beverage package included, if not what does it cost.

    Kind regards,

  • Julie

    Hi Ingrid, a beverage package is not included unless you booked with a special promotion. The Signature Package is $54.95 per person, per day, and the Elite Package is $59.95 per person, per day. We also have non-alcoholic packages. And all adults in the same stateroom must purchase the package.

  • Debbie

    I do not drink alcohol…if my husband purchases a Signature package why do I have to? That does not seem fair to me.

  • tony jenkins

    Hi Julie, my wife and I are cruising on the Volendam in September to Alaska.My wife is a non drinker but I wanted the drink package.Does the wife have to buy a drinks package?

    Kind Regards Tony

  • Julie

    Hi Tony, unfortunately she does. They sometimes waive this for medical reasons and the other person can buy a non-alcoholic package. Please call ship services. 800–541–1576

  • Julie

    Hi Debbie, this is standard in the cruise industry to prevent two people from sharing a beverage package. There are times in medical instances they waive this and the non-drinker can get a soda package. Please call ship services: 800–541–1576.

  • phyllis

    We have a $1000 OBC . Will this cover classic beverage package, gratuities and internet? (10 day cruise)

  • Julie

    Hi Phyllis, please call your travel agent or HAL reservations to be sure you get correct pricing and your credit covers the amenities you want.

  • Lisa

    Hi Julie..what is the maximum drink price per drink for 2020 signature beverage package? Thanks

  • Julie

    Hi Lisa, the Signature Beverage Package is ALL drinks $11 and under.

  • Lisa

    Another question Julie..We are allow 1 bottle of wine per person(Max 2 bottles) when we first board the cruise ship and to be consumed in our cabin. Can we bring one of those bottle to the Pinnacle Grill and be charged the corkage fee so we can drink our bottle of wine there with our meal instead of in the cabin?

  • Julie

    Hi Lisa, absolutely! Our policy states: Additional wine or champagne bottles (no larger than 750ml) in carry-on luggage are welcome, but will incur a US$18.00 (subject to change) corkage fee each, irrespective of where they are intended to be consumed. Enjoy!

  • Lisa

    Hey Julie..What is the maximum drink price for the Elite package?

  • Julie

    Hi Lisa, Elite is under $15 per drink.

  • Steve

    Hi, we are doing Panama Canal on 5 Februray 2020 from Fort Lauderdale. I undersztand we wilkl be visiting 2 company-owned islands, Orangestad and Half Moon Cay.

    Q: Are we able to utilise our Signature Beverage package on either of these islands?

  • Julie

    Hi Steve, the packages exclude the Private Islands.

  • Bryan Shields

    Lisa, will the Explore4 drinks package be on offer soon. Would like to book the Canada/ New England cruise.

  • Julie

    Explore4 is active now, but this season it’s an onboard credit to be usable for guests who don’t drink.

  • Kathryn


    My husband and I are first time cruisers and confused about the tipping procedure. We depart 11/2/19 on the Eurodam out of San Diego. We want to ensure the info we received from Expedia is correct. The last thing we want to do is be blindsided by additional spending especially if its in regards to showing our appreciation for your staff & services.

    We purchased the signature drink package. We were informed that all tipping for the beverages we consume is included in the package. We were told explicitly that we should not tip once on board.

    So theoretically, if we exclude add-on services like spa treatments, etc. and the $14.50 pp/day hotel upkeep, we do not have to tip anything else?

    Thanks in advance for the clarification. I tried calling your 206–286–3900 and the number of my “Personal Cruise Consultant” and could not reach a live person. I’m looking forward to this vacation, however, some printed information in your FAQ’s would alleviate some buyer’s anxiety.

  • Julie

    Hi Kathryn, we’re looking forward to having you on board. With the Signature Package, you do not need to tip beyond that. Gratuities ARE included. The extra gratuities like you mentioned are the only additional charges, and of course if you go to the spa (also like you said). Thank you for the FAQ suggestion. We’ll pass it along.

  • Rod

    Hi Julie,

    I received an email from HAL today which states in part that “The Signature Beverage Package has a retail value of US$50 per guest per day, including service charges, a daily limit of 15 beverages, which includes all beverages priced at US$11.00 or lower”. I’m not saying that we are going to have up to 15 beverages per day, but simple mathematics tells me that 15 beverages x $11 each = $165 per guest per day. Just to clarify – does this mean that a guest can potentially have 15 $11 beverages per day? Also, does the package include specialty coffees and bottled water?

  • Julie

    Hi Rod, yes, you can have up to 15 drinks per day, not exceeding $11 each. You can use it on any beverage that has a cost, so specialty coffee, water, etc.

  • Patricia Smith

    some of our cruise critic roll call got a beverage package for 219 on our Eurodam cruise for January 15 2020. I’m booked on that cruise too. The fellow travelers added to an existing reservation at that great price. It’s offered on the HAL website — I saw it myself — for 999 for an inside package, cruise and beverage package 1219. This is a promotion by HAL, I’m a Mariner, and I paid a lot more than $1219 for my verandah cabin on Verandah Deck. So why is HAL dragging it’s feet and saying they don’t know anything about it? I’m really annoyed. I spent an hour this evening (Saturday January 4) on hold with HAL and with my travel agent and zip. If you’re throwing it at people, throw it my way.

  • Regina

    We purchased a Baltic cruise May, 2019 to travel May, 2020. Included in our cruise was the beverage package and Pinnacle dinner for 2. We were told gratuities would not be added for our beverage package but a hotel charge per person per day would be added to our shipboard account. Please verify this is correct and tell me how much the hotel charge will be. Thank you so much.

  • Julie

    Hi Regina, please call reservations so they can look at your booking: 1-855-932-1711.

  • Trevor Wood

    Like Regina, we purchased Baltic cruise also in May 2020 in May of last year. We also received the free drinks/dinner package as a bonus for booking early. Do we have to pay a daily hotel fee as well, how much is this, and if necessary whom can I contact here in Australia with relative queries?


    We join Eurodam for a cruise to Panoma. we are big cruisers , on ships from european ports we can abstain for compulsory tipping and make our own arrangements with staff, does the same apply on Holland of America ships.

  • Julie

    Hi Trevor, if you booked with a special that didn’t include gratuities, then gratuities will automatically be added to your account. You can change this with guest services on board. The gratuities are split among the hard-working crew both front-of-house and behind the scenes. Australia contacts: or 1300 987 321.

  • Julie

    You can remove your gratuities and tip on your own. Please note the automatically added gratuities also go to many behind-the-scenes crew members like those in the laundry and galley. However, you are welcome to tip at your discretion.

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