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Nieuw Amsterdam Celebrates Mariner Appreciation Day

During a cruise in July, ms Nieuw Amsterdam celebrated Mariner Appreciation Days with decorations and festivities. Five-Star Mariners Mr. Peter Mousseau and Colleen Walker were honored. In Room Dining Steward I Made Dana Wirawan used his special artistic talent and created a drawing of them which was presented to them in a special ceremony. Cruise Consultants Lynn and Larry Lehr and Cruise Director David Shea delivered excellent presentations to the guests.

IMG_6703 IMG_6706

IMG_6710 IMG_6717



IMG_6638 IMG_6619



  • Patricia B

    Super to see the Nieuw Amsterdam celebrating a Mariner Appreciate Day. A lot of work went into the decorations! Thanks for the excellent photos!!

  • Mary Pavich

    I see a old friend in one of the pictures, Riza Harsyahdu. I think it is great to honor the Mariners.

  • Anonymous


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