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Help a Fellow Blog Fan – Lost Veendam Photos

Hello. My name is Lorna Harrison and I just returned from an amazing cruise around South America and through the Antarctic on Veendam. I took some amazing photos and was so eager to share them but when I returned home I found that I had lost the first 5 days of the cruise from my digital images. I was especially upset about losing the pictures taken during the Oatway Sound Magellan Penguin tour in Punta Arenas, Chile.

I was hoping maybe one of the other guests would have some of those pictures they would be able to share with me. I can be contacted at

This was the most amazing holiday I have ever been on and I’m so grateful to Holland America for giving me the opportunity to see nature in its glory as we sailed through the Antarctic islands.

Thank you, Lorna Harrison

  • Anonymous

    Lorna – get to a camera repair shop as quickly as possible …. they may be able to retreive some of the missing photos from the camera’s memory storage. Make sure you go to someone who specializes in cameras. Good luck.

  • Diane

    And don’t go to Black’s (see you are from Canada by your e-mail address). Many years ago they lost 3 rolls of film my husband had taken in Barbados, Geneva Switzerland and someplace else. Never would admit to losing it. JUst wanted to give us new film. A lot of good that did.

  • Ruud

    I have send you a first number of pcitures and wainting for a reply.

  • Peter Batcheler

    Hi Jeanette and i had our camera stolen and lost the lot as you cna imagine. Let me know if you had any luch or can let us have the details of those who helped. we at lest had a video but some how it’s not the same as flicking through photo’s Peter.

  • maasdam fan

    We lost an entire half memory card of photos “playing with” our new digital camera. We went to the onboard photo shop and for $54 they were able to “restore” all the deleted photos onto a disc. You might take the camera and memory card to a local shop for wonderful results…the Maasdam’s photo staff told us “this happens all the time”. good luck

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