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Captain Keijer’s Horn Blowing Honored by Cruise Critic Members

Thanks to Cruise Critic member Lisa Laffin for sending in this post.

On a recent March 18, 2012, Southern Caribbean Voyage of the Westerdam at the ‘Meet and Greet’ for Cruise Critic Members, Holland America Cruise Critic members Honored Captain Henk Keijer for his horn-blowing abilities on the Westerdam as she would sail out of Port Everglades every Sunday.

It has become a popular event whenever a Holland America ship sailed from Port Everglades to watch along with all the fellow HAL Board CC members on the Port Everglades web cam. The web cam is hosted by Lou Gnandt and is in HDTV with sound at Sail Away of the ship horns. Each week Captain Keijer would thrill those viewing/listening and those sailing by tooting the ship’s horn numerous times. As the weeks continued each week would bring more and more tooting of the horn.

Thanks to Cruise Critic member PathfinderEss aka Melodie; she created a plaque to award the Captain on his last sailing before a well-deserved vacation. Because she could not be on the cruise herself she sent it to me, and I set up the Cruise Critic Meet and Greet.

The plaque is now proudly displayed with other plaques that have been presented to the Westerdam.

Many thanks to Captain Keijer and the Crew and Officers of the Westerdam for bringing us that extra bit of enjoyment of hearing the ship’s horn as she sails out of Port Everglades, and thanks to Port Everglades web Cam for providing the web cam for all to enjoy. — Lisa Laffin

  • Anonymous

    My husband spotted this award as we returned from a port last week on the Westerdam. It certainly makes for a fun time at sail away to be on the Westerdam!

  • Overtime4me2 (Sue in Nebraska)

    Yeah!! Happy to see this on the HAL Blog. I’m smiling just reading it. I have been enjoying watching every Sunday since I got back from the Oosterdam to Alaska last August. Port Everglades webcam is wonderful and now we’re going to have even more HAL fans watching each week (at least until Westerdam heads for Alaska in a few weeks). 🙁 I’ll miss watching and hearing her blow her horn.

  • Dee Nevares

    What fun to exit at Port Everglades with the flags flying on the condos and the ship’s horn blowing. After the boat drill, we always rush out to the deck to wave and toast another HAL trip.

  • Liz Day

    Looking forward to seeing her in Seattle soon!! Greetings Henk! It isn’t the same as Port Everglades but the ships are much loved as well here!

  • Michael W Lewis

    Watched the sailaway on that day and was thrilled that the “W” won the award. We sailed with Lisa last October to Hawaii and may cross her path in San Diego as she sails to Alaska on the Zuiderdam and we’ll be on the Westerdam also headed to Alaska. Congrats to Captain Keijer, hope he thrills us as we sail out of Ft Lauderdale two weeks from today. We’ll also be waving toward Lou and the Webcam!

  • Donna JOnes

    Watch the sailaways every Sunday, but enjoyed it much more while on our Westerdam sailaway on 2/19.

  • Betty Mae Reemes

    We love hearing those ship horns, especially on Holland cruise ships. We hope that the horns continue. We would love for Holland to start cruises out of Galveston.

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