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We Asked Our Crew Members: What are You Thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Our crew are at the heart of our operation, and we are thankful for all that they do each and every day for our guests and our company. To celebrate Thanksgiving today, we asked some of our crew members what they are thankful for this year. From friends and family to traveling the world, they were happy to share their gratitude.

Westerdam Assistant Shore Excursion Manager Katja Hustinx
I’m thankful for seeing so many great and beautiful places, and I’m very happy to keep on exploring the world while working! But I am most thankful this year for the great people I met and that I can be home with my friends and family for the holidays!

Katja Hustinx

Amsterdam Hotel Director Henk MeznikHenk Meznik
As Hotel Director on board Amsterdam, specifically this year, I am most appreciative and thankful to help build our ship’s operation in peace and harmony. Living and working on board is much like doing the same at home. And, on board, when you see the revelation that kindred spirits from (re)focused team members bring about, that adds a fresh dimension to the team and our operation much needed to stay on par with what our guests seek. I am invigorated by that spirit, and even more thankful that in the conflicted world we live in, on board we can coexist side by side feeling safe, protected and appreciated for all each and every one brings to being here – guests, officers, staff and crew alike.

Stalin Channathankam - EXEC CHEFMaasdam Executive Chef Stalin C.
I am thankful for lot of things but I am most thankful for my wife who supported my dreams, and I am thankful for the amazing job of being a chef so I could make so many people happy around the world.

Nicole CowieOosterdam Chief Purser Nicole Cowie
I am from Trinidad & Tobago, a beautiful island in the Caribbean, the land of Steelpan, Calypso and Carnival. I have been sailing for over 15 years and worked with Holland America for over four years. What am I most thankful for this year? This was a difficult question to answer as there are so many ways to respond, but every year I am thankful for two main things – my family and my job. Without the support of my father, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and many others I would not have found a job that I love and been able to do it for this long. They are always there for me and I will be forever grateful to all of them. Also whomever came up with crushing, fermenting with alcohol and then bottling grapes is a genius. Happy Thanksgiving!

Oosterdam Cruise and Travel Director Bettyann ChunBettyann
When I think about all the incredible things I have seen and done this past year, none of it would have been possible but for Holland America Line. From celebrating Carnival in Rio de Janeiro to sailing the majestic fjords in Norway, my position on Holland America Line has truly given me the opportunity to see and experience parts of the world that I would have never imagined. It has truly been an adventure and a part of the my life that I will never forget.

Noval, FNU - HK SupervisorMaasdam Housekeeping Supervisor Noval
Two things that I am most thankful for: My son is in good health again, back to a normal kid as usual, a funny, cheerful kid. Also this job so I can provide for my family the best of what they need, including health insurance that covered my son’s best medication, best hospital. I was on board when I got the news from home that my 12-year-old son Adam was sick. In my mind I must provide my son with the best hospital, doctor, medication, everything that he needs and I really want to go home. But my family told me to stay as everything was been taken care of. Day by day, my son is getting better, he is at home now.

Westerdam Head Bartender Michael Louie Chiong
I got promoted this year and it’s my second contract as Head Bartender. Being back onboard the Westerdam brings back memories as it was my first Holland America Line ship back in 2011.

Michael Chiong

Veendam Assistant Waiter Christopher Carcasona
There are a lot of things to be grateful for. Waking up every morning and having good health that is given to me by God. Having a chance to travel the world, meeting new people, understanding each individuality and their culture. All of those things bring me out of my comfort zone and force me to be better every day. I did learn a lot of things that I never knew before, all thanks to Holland America Line. But the most thankful thing that happen to me is having my own family. Having a wonderful wife and daughter, my reason why I am conquering the world. My medicine when I am tired, my happy pill when I feel sad and the most my strength when I feel weak and like giving up.

SriRotterdam Assistant Stateroom Steward Sri Setiyani
This year I’m really thankful, many things happen in my life that make this year unique and memorable from the beginning until today, that I’m delighted to share with you. On January I was on board Maasdam, the ship was in Asia and we were docking in Samarang, Java. I had the opportunity to invite my family to visit the ship, my Mam and Dad were very happy to be on board with me, it was their first time on a cruise ship, and this was unforgettable moment for my parents. My parents own a small house close to Borobudur temple in Central Java and they wish to expand their business, so on my vacation I purchased some cows that I gave to my parents as a present for them to increase their business and I bought some for me as well to start my own business. Aside of that on April 19 I got married, our wedding was fabulous all our relatives and friends were present. We spent our honeymoon in Bali, me and my husband visited a lot of places, we really enjoyed our first vacations together. After that I receive my new contract joining Rotterdam, I was really surprise when I knew the itinerary of the ship: Europe. This continent was part of my bucket list. This contract I had the opportunity to visit many cities and get to know many places that I had always dreamed about. This year cannot end in a better way, I was promoted to assistant stateroom steward last month, in small words “one of the most special years of my life” — with a lot of happiness, experiences and rewards that have been come through and made me felt grateful for all these great moments. I’m look forward to receiving the New Year, to start with more memorable moments in my life.

Putu Shinta Widya Cahyani  Eurodam Dining Room Steward Putu Shinta Widya Cahyani
I am really thankful I got a job in such a great company. Especially all of the crew and managers who are really nice and always lead and teach us on how to be professional. I am also thankful for this big opportunity which could improve my career and I get the chance to travel around the world while earning money.

Ivan CicaRotterdam 2nd Officer Navigation Ivan Cica
This year I’m thankful for few things. I got married in September to my amazing wife and the wedding ceremony was smooth, relaxed and funny. I’m grateful that all family is healthy including my 15-year-old dog. I will always feel lucky for being given the family that I have. After so many years of sailing, finally this Christmas I will spend with my wife in our new apartment with a brand new Christmas tree. I should be back at home by December 22 and we will put our first Christmas decorations together.

1st Engineer - Adrian2Future Cruise Consultant MelNieuw Amsterdam 1st Engineer Officer Adrian Trifan
I am especially thankful for my healthy and happy family.

Nieuw Amsterdam Future Cruise Consultant Melane Bruwer
With the year flying by so fast I am thankful for time that allows me to travel, time to spend with family and friends and time to see the world. I am also thankful to wake up healthy every day, because health means that we can live life to the fullest.

Eurodam Security Officer Mark Aguirre
I am most thankful for sailing with my wife while celebrating our silver wedding anniversary!

Security Officer Mark

Nieuw Statendam Cruise & Travel Director
I’m thankful for the support of my international family and colleagues. I’m especially thankful this year, as a new hire, to wake up every day with the opportunity to study the world’s cultures, geography and wildlife and share that on stage with our guests.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our celebrating fans! What are YOU thankful for this year?

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