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Noordam Crew Members Celebrate Hindu New Year With Special Day of Silence

On March 16, 2010, our Balinese Hindu crew celebrated Nyepi, a day of silence, and the Hindu New Year.

The tradition is that on the night before the celebrations begin, everyone must clean their homes, cook their meals and do all of the necessary preparations before the silence and inactivity the following day. In Bali, on the day of Nyepi, all businesses and restaurants are closed and the entire island stays silent and indoors for a day of contemplation.

Of course this is not possible on board a ship, but crew members were encouraged to celebrate the day of silence by finding peace and love in their hearts.

Noordam's Balinese crew members gather to celebrate the Hindu New Year with a special
day of silence.

Ioana Cheregi is ms Noordam’s human resources manager.

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