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Nieuw Jakarta Celebrates Indonesia’s 66th Independence Day

Robert “Nick” Nichols, Nieuw Jakarta’s academic director, sent us the following note and photos from the center’s recent Indonesian Independence Day celebration. Nieuw Jakarta is HAL’s crew training center in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Staff, students and management of ms Nieuw Jakarta celebrated Indonesia’s Independence day with a breaking the fast ceremony of special Indonesian holiday foods. Students sang the national anthem, performed a skit and some classes played Indonesian songs. A special menu included the following dishes: Opor ayam (chicken simmered in coconut milk with tumeric), Rendang Daging Sapi (simmered beef in spicy sauce Sumatran style), long beans and squash cooked in coconut milk, sauteed beef liver with potatoes in spicy sauce, steamed rice, shrimp crackers and a special desert of diced fresh fruit with coconut milk.

Indonesian Indp Day

Nieuw Jakarta

Nieuw Jakarta

Nieuw Jakarta

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