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Eurodam’s Club HAL’loween

Eurodam’s Youth Program Coordinator Cassandra Harvey submitted this post:

It was a Halloween night filled with surprises for the children sailing on the Eurodam. During the day, kids and tweens participated in themed games, decorated Halloween cookies in the Culinary Arts Center, and created their very own trick-or-treat bags. As the sun set on the ocean, the party was just beginning. Club HAL was decorated from ceiling to floor as it was transformed into a Halloween Carnival with a fortune teller, face painting, donut diving, and ghost busting! The guest entertainer, Magician James Ceilen, fascinated the children with his tricks making the little ones giggle and the older ones leave in amazement. However, the night was not over, as a trick or treating scavenger hunt and costume parade was the main event. The groups ventured throughout the ship as they performed tricks for their candy as guests adored and clapped at the parade filed with princesses, pirates and superheroes.

After the eventful evening, our trick-or-treaters left with a candy apple in hand and smiles on their faces. As our little ghosts and goblins were tucked nicely into their bunks, the evening was just beginning for our teens. In the Northern Lights they busted a move during our teen only disco; rocking it out on the air guitar. Back in The Loft, the teens settled in for a Horror Double Feature after donut diving and eye ball bouncing competitions. The Club HAL staff’s dedication and hard work as they orchestrated this event paid off as each and every child walked away with not only a unique Halloween experience but an unforgettable cruising memory.

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