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Celebrating Queen’s Day Aboard Statendam

Since orange is the color of the Royal Dutch family, Oranje stad or Orange Town in Aruba is of course a great place to celebrate Queen’s Day.

A small gathering was held among Dutch guests and officers. A speech by Captain Schoonderbeek was finished with a typical Dutch tradition: a glass of orange liquor

The origin of the drink is unknown. It first appears in history in the 18th century when people who supported stadtholder Willem V (also known as “Willem van Oranje”) dressed themselves with orange scars and drank ‘Oranjebitter’ in taverns.

The royal family of the Netherlands is related to Willem V. This is the reason why Dutch people still drink “Oranjebitter” on Queens’ day. On this holiday you can often buy a small glass in churches and fill it with Oranjebitter at the top of the tower of that church.

Orange liquor to celebrate Queen’s Day – A great Dutch tradition!

Bert van Mackelenbergh is Statendam’s hotel manager.

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